Apglos Survey Wizard and land survey equipment dealers

Land survey equipment dealers sell equipment for land surveying. And Apglos Survey Wizard is a land survey app that is downloadable for free in the Google Play Store.

It looks like a strange combination, but it is a combination that works great.

This land survey app works with credits that you can buy in the app. So it very accessible for everyone. But still we use dealers.

Benefits of dealers

After all dealers for land survey products have a benefit over the internet. This is because dealers can ask the right questions for you to make the right decision. You as a client can speak your own language and the dealer will help you to be a satisfied customer. Another benefit is that dealers can explain the difference between Apglos Survey Wizard and other surveying software.

That is why we have dealers. Another reason for this is that we want happy customers all over the world.

Our dealers



Strada Iacob Negruzzi Nr44
011094, Bucuresti 1

Tel:(+4) 021 223 46 98
E-mail: office@topotrade.ro

The Netherlands

Espendreef 20
4254 BT, Sleeuwijk



North America


Event 38 Unmanned Systems, Inc.
540 South Main Street, Suite 457
Akron, OH 44311

Tel:(+1) (234) 206-0410
E-mail: sales@event38.com

South America



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Compatiblity with GNSS receivers

It does not matter what GNSS receiver you have. Or if you are a dealer of what brand of GNSS receiver you are a dealer. Apglos Survey Wizard uses standard NMEA 0183 messages that every normal GNSS receiver sends. In other words:

Apglos Survey Wizard is compatible with any GNSS receiver of all brands.