Our activities - software development

We focus on GPS software development, like land survey apps and GIS mapping apps. Because anything that has to do with software development and GPS is within our expertise.

Result of software development: The easiest land survey app in the field

We developed Apglos Survey Wizard so anyone can do GPS land surveying. Above all it is the easiest land survey app in the field.


Try Apglos Survey Wizard yourself

You can download and install this easy-to-use land survey app from the Google Play Store. Apglos Survey Wizard can be used on a 30-day trial. No commitments, all the knowhow.


Compatible with GNSS receivers of these brands

Meet us

Come meet us in our castle office. It is a great inspiring environment. We find it ideal for software development. You are more than welcome to visit us.


If you can’t meet us in a fair, come and find us in one of the GPS events that we participate in. Check them out.

Besides meeting us in person you can of course you can always contact us by phone or email. Ask your questions this way.

Custom software development

We develop custom GPS software. That is why if you don’t have the capacity or software developers within your own company, we can assist you in developing your custom GPS software. Read more.

Rebrand our land survey apps

We already developed great land survey apps, such as the Apglos Survey Wizard. You can benefit from our work through rebranding this great easy-to-use land survey app for your own purposes. Read more about how this works. 

Land survey apps for users

GPS land surveyor

Land survey apps for dealers


Software development for suppliers


Questions? We prefer answers

You might have questions. Those could be questions about our software or questions about GPS. Don’t worry about having questions, because we like to answer them.

We are on YouTube

We have our own YouTube channel. This was our first movie and we would love if you watch how easy our land survey app Apglos Survey Wizard is. Besides that you can check out more movies of us here.