How to land survey a choice between the manual and tutorials

Learning how to land survey with Apglos Survey Wizard can be done in different ways. Of course there is the manual. You can read it complete here. But sometimes it is easier to learn a certain thing with tutorials. Than you have to keep on reading. There is also our tutorial picker. 

Read manual 

Step-by-step tutorials on how to land survey

You want to know how to land survey. Apglos Survey Wizard is the easiest software to learn this. So it is good to start using this Android app. It will help you a lot in learning everything you need to know about land surveying. 

But to help you even better we have a tutorial picker on our website. Here you can select what you want to do. After that you pick the tutorial of your needs. All tutorials on our website are step-by-step tutorials that are easy to follow. They will teach you in a short time how to land survey. 

Check out our tutorials.

Apglos Survey Wizard has a user friendly interface

Of course it is great to follow all tutorials. When you do you will learn a lot. But besides the tutorials. Apglos Survey Wizard has a very user friendly interface. The icons and buttons of this GPS survey app speak for itself. Check out some screenshots of the complete GPS app Apglos Survey Wizard. 

This user friendly interface will help you to learn how to land survey very quick.

An inbuilt walk through on how to land survey

As you could already have seen in the screenshots above Apglos Survey Wizard has an integrated walk through.

Start screen of Apglos Survey Wizard after logging in with a walk through on how to land survey

On the first start Apglos Survey Wizard always asks if you want to follow the walk through. By following this walk through you will learn the most basic functions of Apglos Survey Wizard. Those are the first steps on how to land survey. 

We advise you to follow the tutorials. You will learn a lot about using Apglos Survey Wizard.

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