Apglos is a company that focuses on software development. From the beginning we specialized in GPS software. The main software we developed is Apglos Survey Wizard. But besides creating our own software we also rebrand our software and we create GPS software based on your requirements. 

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    The beginning

    Originally Apglos came out of two civil engineering agencies. These agencies were Rayleco and Kant Engineering. At that time the agencies improved the work processes by developing software. Here are some examples of this. 

    The first example is that we created tools in AutoCAD to increase the drafting speed. Also it increased the quality of the work. Another example is the connection we made between the drawings and tender documents. This helped us a lot.

    Current company organisation

    Of course our company grew. So now we have a complete solid company that focusses on positioning software, of which Apglos Survey Wizard is one of them. 

    The company has a complete structure.

    Apglos company structure

    Still an issue

    Even with all the tools we developed there was one issue. All civil engineering projects start and end with the same task: land surveying.

    The origin of our specialized software development is land surveying

    Every project we had to hire land surveyors two times. There were some disadvantages to this process:

    -it was expensive

    -the quality of the results was not always as we desired

    -we were not completely in charge of the time schedule


    Solving the problem

    We had to solve this problem. First we invited dealers of GPS survey equipment to give a demonstration of their GNSS receivers and software. Already soon we found out that we needed a professional surveyor to be able to work with that equipment. 

    The trend of the amount of land surveyors is going down. There are less and less land surveyors.

    So hiring a land surveyor was not an option anymore. Our goal was that our people would land survey themselves.

    The solution

    So than we decided to develop an easy-to-use land survey app ourselves. We called it Apglos Survey Wizard. It is an Android app. And you can download it from the Google Play Store.

    The result

    Our clients saw us working with this simple GPS survey solution. They had lots of interest in working with it as well. We started to sell and market the surveying software. 

    It went great. So we decided only to focus on GPS software development. That is how Apglos started as a company. 

    Now we have our office in castle Dussen. 


    If you want to visit us and talk about rebranding Apglos Survey Wizard or about having your own GPS software developed then contact us. 

    More projects

    Many companies and people found our software. They did suggestions and we listened. This led to other developements. We changed Apglos Survey Wizard to the user needs, where we always take the ease-of-use in mind, but we also created new software applications. 

    Contact us

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