NESTLE GNSS-System GNPS-42, a complete GPS-kit for land surveying

The NESTLE GNSS-System GNPS-42 is a complete GPS kit developed by Gottlieb-Nestle. And we are proud to be able to part of this complete GPS kit and to work together with Gottlieb-Nestle.

Software of NESTLE GNSS-System GNPS-42

We did develop the software for the NESTLE GNSS-System GNPS-42. The name of this software is Nestle On2go. You can download it from the Google Play Store. To do so just click this link. Normally the software comes with the complete GPS kit. Check out where you can buy the complete NESTLE GNSS-System GNPS-42 on the website of Gottlieb-Nestle.

Screenshot of Nestle On2go 4

Anyway Nestle On2go is a rebranded version of Apglos Survey Wizard. So it also has all the benefits of Apglos Survey Wizard. And most of its functionality. So with the Nestle On2go app you can also map, stake out, draw and calculate. And the inuitivity is also awesome. Anyone can use this app in minutes.

What makes Nestle On2go more special is that it can communicate with a USB cable with the GNPS-sensorbox. From that box the land survey app gets all the necessary NMEA data and Nestle On2go sends all the correction data to this GNPS-sensorbox via the USB cable.

This means the communication of the position data is very stable. There are no problems with any interference of the Bluetooth signal and you don’t have to set up a lot on your Android device. That is one of the reasons why the NESTLE GNSS-System GNPS-42 is so easy. It is just like to plug and play. So when you connect the USB cable of the GNPS-sensorbox than the Android device with Nestle On2go will already ask to open this land survey app.

This means everyone can work with this complete GPS kit. And everyone can start land surveying.

Parts of the NESTLE GNSS-System GNPS-42

But the Nestle On2go app does not come by itself. Than it would be the same as Apglos Survey Wizard. But Nestle On2go comes with a complete package. This means you can unpack the complete system and start to land survey right away.

Complete NESTLE RTK-GNSS System GNPS-42

So there are the necessary items in the NESTLE GNSS-System GNPS-42 package. As we already mentioned there is the GNPS-Sensorbox. This is the brain of the complete GPS kit. It transforms the signals that are sent by the helix antenna to usable position data in NMEA. And it sends those data to the tablet where the software Nestle On2go is installed on.

So the GNPS-sensorbox connects the helix antenna with the tablet. So in the package there is also a helix antenna. The helix antenna receives the signals that satellites send to the earth. In between the helix antenna and the GNPS-sensorbox there is a cable to send the data that the helix antenna receives to the GNPS-sensorbox.

And then there is also the tablet. The NESTLE GNSS-System GNPS-42 comes with a Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2. It is an 8 inch tablet and it is IP68. On this tablet the Nestle On2go app is installed. Of course it also comes with a cable for the communication between the GNPS-sensorbox and the tablet.

Of course then there are some accessories in the NESTLE GNSS-System GNPS-42. First of these accessories is the GPS rod. It is a GPS rod in two sections, that make a complete length of 2 m. The helix antenna can be screwed on top of this GPS rod. And with a tablet holder the GNPS-sensorbox and the tablet can be mounted on the GPS rod.

And of course when there are times that you are not using this GPS kit there is a bag where all the parts of the NESTLE GNSS-System GNPS-42 fit in. That makes it easy to store the complete system. But it also makes it easy to carry the complete system around to your next project.

Specifications of this GPS kit of Gottlieb-Nestle

On our website you can see the specifications of GNSS receivers of many brands. So of course we will show you the specifications of the NESTLE GNSS-System GNPS-42 as well. So here they are.

Application: RTK real-time positioning for recording and staking out points and geometric shapes
Antenna / Weight: Helix / 25g
Antenna working height: 2m
GNSS-Tracking: GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo
Accuracy (RTK Fixed): Hor = 10mm +1 ppm, Ver = 18mm +1 ppm
Weight (Complete system, ready to work): 1,760g
Working temperature: -20°C to +50°C
IP-Protection class: Antenna IP67, Tablet IP68, Sensor-box IP54
Power supply: by Tablet
Tablet: 8″Tablet, Android, Pen, Outdoor-cover, WLAN, Bluetooth, LTE
Battery: Li-ION 4450 mAh, removable
Working time of battery (Complete system): 6 hours
Battery charging time: 1.0 hour to 80%, 1.5 hours until fully charged
Holder for Tablet: NESTLE H2C-Galaxy Tab2
Pole: 2 parts, working height 2 m, internal cable routing, 20′ vial
Software App: NESTLE on2go

Benefits of the NESTLE GNSS-System GNPS-42

Of course the software Nestle On2go is very easy to use. And that is a major benefit. But it is not the only benefit. There are more benefits to the NESTLE GNSS-System GNPS-42.

NESTLE RTK-GNSS System GNPS-42 in use

Another one of those benefits is that it comes as a complete package. You don’t have to look further for other parts to complete the GPS kit. So you can turn it on and go to land survey.

But there is even a bigger benefit. In contrast to other GPS kits with Bluetooth receivers you do not have to configure the receiver. The GNPS-sensorbox is fully configured in a way it is supposed to be to work directly with Nestle On2go. This means there is less room for error. Because every little thing that has to be configured can go wrong. So when you have less settings than the GPS kit will be more stable. And the NESTLE GNSS-System GNPS-42 doesn’t have any settings in the GNPS-sensorbox. So it is very stable.

But that is not the last benefit. In the specifications you could read the weight of the complete system. It is only 1.76 kg. In the land surveying world that is almost nothing. There are GNSS receivers that already weigh more. Besides that the weight is better distibuted. Where with a normal GPS kit with a Bluetooth GNSS receiver the biggest weight is on top of the GPS rod is it with the NESTLE GNSS-System GNPS-42 much better distributed.

The weight in this GNSS-System of Gottlieb-Nestle is in the middle of the GPS rod, which is the location where you hold the GPS rod. This means that it is more ergonomic responsible. When you have to work with it there is less chance of injury. Because there is no big weight on the top that pulls the GPS rod. This in combination with the small total weight is a very big plus for the NESTLE GNSS-System GNPS-42.

Cooperation with Gottlieb-Nestle

So when you are interested in this NESTLE GNSS-System GNPS-42 contact Gottlieb-Nestle or one of their dealers. They will be able to help you to start land surveying with this complete GPS kit. If you want to know who Gottlieb-Nestle is then check out their website.


Anyway we are proud to be able to cooperate with a company like Gottlieb-Nestle. The cooperation with them goes smooth and is enjoyable. We are happy that they trusted us with one of the major parts of the GNSS-system that they put out on the market.

We are looking forward doing more projects with Gottlieb-Nestle. If you want to rebrand Apglos Survey Wizard or if you have any other project than you can contact us.