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Apglos Survey Wizard App Review

The main goal of the Apglos Survey Wizard is to make land surveyors’ jobs easier and more precise. The software offers a number of tools and features that let users gather information, design surveys, and produce precise maps and reports.

he app’s capacity to use GPS to precisely find survey spots is one of its key advantages. Users now find it much simpler to conduct surveys in locations without obvious landmarks or other points of reference thanks to this functionality.

Users of the software may also create a variety of survey templates to meet their own requirements. These templates include topographical surveys, border surveys, and … Read more



Apglos Survey Wizard-land surv – Interview with the developer of a fantastic app

Did you have any prior development or coding experience?

In my practical time in college, I got in contact with Macro’s in Microsoft Excel. I thought it was nice because coding in VBA can save you lots of time doing tasks in Microsoft Excel. Later when I started working as a drafter I discovered that you could also do code development in AutoCAD. And since I am lazy, I think most developers are lazy, I continued the development of special functions in AutoCAD for the company I worked for. This saved us… Read more