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Emlid is a GNSS manufacturer. On their website there is not much information on this company. Here you can find more information on this GNSS company, their products and the best software, Apglos Survey Wizard, for their products.

Emlid the company

gnss receiver manufacturers Emlid

Above here is the logo of this company. To get to know more about it we dove into their Linkedin page. On the About part of their Linkedin page it says that they started in 2014. And that their headquarters are based in Budapest, Hungary. Besides the location of their headquartes we can see that the company size is between 51 and 200 employees.

Their goal

In 2014 the GNSS market was still dominated by big brands like Leica, Trimble, Topcon etc. Because of their domination they could keep the prices of GNSS receivers high. Emlid saw that, too. And they saw that they could make a GNSS receiver for lower price. And so they did.

So the goal of Emlid is that they want to make RTK GNSS receivers affordable for a bigger market.

Products of Emlid

To be able to reach their goal this GNSS manufacturer created products.

Emlid Reach RS+

One of their first products was the Emlid Reach RS+.

GNSS receiver Emlid Reach RS+

This GNSS receiver functioned as they thought it should be. The specifications of this receiver didn’t match yet with the specifications of the high-end receivers of the competition. Some of the specs are here below:

  • Dimensions: 145x145x85 mm
  • Weight: 690 gram
  • Ingress protection: IP67
  • Corrections: NTRIP, RTCM3
  • Position output: NMEA, LLH/XYZ
  • Positioning kinematic horizontal: 7 mm + 1 ppm
  • Positioning kinematic vertical: 14 mm + 2 ppm
  • GNSS signals tracked: Signal tracked GPS/QZSS L1, GLONASS G1, BeiDou B1, Galileo E1, SBAS
  • Number of channels: 72

If you want an Emlid Reach RS+, then get it here.

Emlid Reach RS2

After creating a GNSS receiver that functions well, they wanted to create a receiver that could come close to the high-end receivers of the competition. So they released the Emlid Reach RS2 in 2019.

GNSS receiver Emlid Reach RS2

As you can imagine the specifications of this receiver are better.

  • Dimensions: 126x126x142 mm
  • Weight: 950 gram
  • Ingress protection: IP67
  • Corrections: NTRIP, VRS, RTCM3
  • Position output: NMEA, LLH/XYZ
  • Positioning kinematic horizontal: 7 mm + 1 ppm
  • Positioning kinematic vertical: 14 mm + 1 ppm
  • GNSS signals tracked: GPS/QZSS L1C/A, L2C, GLONASS L1OF, L2OF, BeiDou B1I, B2I, Galileo E1-B/C, E5b
  • Number of channels: 184

More information on the Emlid Reach RS2 you can read here. You can also buy it there for a great price. Because even with these improvements they could keep the costs low. That is why the price of this GNSS receiver is very affordable.

In other words they reached their goal. And we are curious how the company evolves.

More products

Besides the two mentioned GNSS receiver Emlid produces more products. One of those is the Reach M+. Another one is the Reach M2. Both are GNSS modules for precise navigation and UAV mapping.

Another product is the Navio2. This is a GNSS board that you can built in any hardware.

Surveying software

Emlid also released an app. They call it Reachview. Reachview is free to download in the Google Play Store. Reachview is great to configurate the products of Emlid, like the Reach RS2. If you want more than configuring the GNSS receivers or modules than it is better to use other surveying software.

The number 1 software to use in combination with Emlids GNSS receivers is Apglos Survey Wizard. Also this app is free to download from the Google Play Store.

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