Septentrio – Company | Altus NR3 | Mosaic | Surveying software

Septentrio is a manufacturer of GNSS receivers. The company started in 2000 out of the big company Imec.

gnss receiver manufacturers Septentrio

Locations of Septentrio

They are based in the Belgium city of Leuven. There they work very close with the Katholic University of Leuven. On that university is a lot of knowdledge on signal processing. On this university they know a lot about advanced algorithms.

They are not only located in Belgium. Septentrio is a global company with settlements on different continents. In North America they have an office in Torrance, California. Besides that they are well represented in Asia. This company has offices in China, Japan and South-Korea.


The goal of Septentrio is very clear. Because they want to build the best GNSS receivers in the world. Besides their relationship with the Katholic University of Leuven they have other partnerships to reach this goal. One of these partners is our own company Apglos. Other partners are for example Imec, ESA.

The GNSS receiver, Altus NR3

Septentrio has one integrated GNSS receiver. It is the Altus NR3. This is the follow-up of the Altus NR2.

Altus NR3 GNSS receiver of Septentrio

We did lots of tests with this the Altus NR3 and its results are very well. You can also see that in the specifications of this GNSS receiver.

  • Dimensions: 167x167x69 mm
  • Weight: 820 gram
  • Ingress protection: IP67
  • Corrections: NTRIP, RTCM2, RTCM3, CMR2, CMR+
  • Position output: NMEA, SBF
  • Positioning kinematic horizontal: 6 mm + 0.5 ppm
  • Positioning kinematic vertical: 10 mm + 1 ppm
  • GNSS signals tracked: GPS/QZSS L1, L2, L5, GLONASS L1, L2, L3, BeiDou B1, B2, Galileo E1, E5a, E5b, AltBoc
  • Number of channels: 448

Software for Septentrio

This company has not that much software, because they focus on their goal. That is why they don’t have the urge to make software for their GNSS receiver. The software they developed is more for the management, monitoring, control and analyses of GNSS receivers. But they created also Pinpoint. It is a small software package that can help you a little doing GIS.

Since Apglos is a partner of Septentrio the combination of the Altus NR3 and Apglos Survey Wizard is great. That is caused by the high quality GNSS receiver and the ease-of-use of the land survey app.

If you already have an Altus NR3 you can try it for yourself. Download Apglos Survey Wizard for free from the Google Play Store.

More products

Besides the Altus NR3 and the software Septentrio has more products. One of them is the AsteRx SB GNSS receiver.

The AsterX SB GNSS receiver of Septentrio

This is a GNSS receiver where you can connect an external GPS antenna. This GNSS receiver works with a USB connection with Apglos Survey Wizard.


Besides developing and manufacturing complete GNSS receivers they also develop and create GNSS receiver modules and boards. Their smallest product and one of their newest is the Mosaic.

With this product and the AsteRx board series Septentrio is also a big player in the OEM business.