Low-in-coins warning improved in Apglos Survey Wizard 2.29

Improved low-in-coins notification in Apglos Survey Wizard

There is a low-in-coins warning in Apglos Survey Wizard since it is a pay-per-use land survey app. In version 2.29 of this land survey app we improved it. So check it out.

New in version 2.29 of Apglos Survey Wizard

Version 2.29 came shortly after version 2.28. Even in this short period of time we could improve the app. So here is the list of improvements.

  • selection points improved
  • notification low-in-coins improved

Selection of points improved

Yes there is the low-in-coins notification improvement. But first we tell you about another improvement. It is the selection of points. It is now very easy to select the point on the screen.

This easy selection of points helps you to work easier and quicker. There are no problems to select points. And that is what you want. So make sure you have the latest version of Apglos Survey Wizard and you will be happy to have this easy way to select points on the Google Maps that is integrated in land survey app Apglos Survey Wizard.

Notification low-in-coins improved

And then there is the low-in-coins improvement. Apglos Survey Wizard works in two ways. One is the pay-per-use option. This means every function costs some amount of coins. And the coins only get deducted when you use the Apglos Survey Wizard. There is no other way the coins get deducted.

But that also means that there is a possibility that you get low-in-coins. Now we improved that message. When you are low-in-coins you will be led to your Apglos Survey Wizard profile page, where you can get more coins or you get a license for a certain period.

This will make sure that you will be able to use Apglos Survey Wizard all the time. You don’t have to worry about your coins because Apglos Survey Wizard will notify you when you are low-in-coins. And that means that you can always use Apglos Survey Wizard when you want. So there is never a problem of you running out of your license.

And that is a big benefit of the pay-per-use option. And that is why we improved the low-in-coins notification. So we can help you.

We keep on improving like with the low-in-coins notification

So these two things are great improvements in the easy to use land survey app Apglos Survey Wizard. We will keep on updating and improving Apglos Survey Wizard, like with this improvement on the low-in-coins notification.

If you give any suggestions then you can even earn coins to use in Apglos Survey Wizard. If you want to know more about that then check this page. There is described how you can earn those coins with your suggestions. With your suggestions we can improve our land survey app even more and then we both can benefit.

And when you want to stay up-to-date on the new updates of Apglos Survey Wizard then follow us on Linkedin and Youtube to stay up-to-date. If you want to know more about Apglos Survey Wizard and all its general functions, than check this page. We explain you all the general functions of this simple land survey app Apglos Survey Wizard.