New in land survey software Apglos Survey Wizard 2.20

On the 31st of march 2020 we launched a new version of land survey software Apglos Survey Wizard. We added some things. Check it out what.

New in version 2.20 of this land survey software

In version 2.20 of Apglos Survey Wizard we changed some things. The improvements we made are:

  • a change in saving GIS files in the AGL format
  • calculation of volumes
  • improved visibility of line elements
  • the way of changing the height if points
  • the visible data of the point that is selected to stake out

Saving GIS files in the AGL format

In Apglos Survey Wizard there is a way to save GIS files. To do this you have to select the AGL format in the save screen. After doing this from all layers with elements in the current project this land survey software creates SHP, SHX, DBF and PRJ files.

These file types are easy to use in GIS office software like QGIS or ArcGIS. This means that Apglos Survey Wizard is also a great piece of software that you can use for your GIS data collection. The benefit is that Apglos Survey Wizard can have a connection with a GNSS receiver. So the GIS data that you collect with this software is then cm accurate.

Calculate volumes in this land survey software

Another improved feature is the volume calculation. Of course there was already a way to calculate the volume in Apglos Survey Wizard. That was from a certain level. But now you can also calculate the volume from the ground plane.

This makes it very easy to know the exact volumes in the field.

We improved the visibility of line elements

Apglos Survey Wizard is good for big screen devices and for small screen devices. The only issue for small screen devices was that the line elements were not that visible. It was just thin.

So now we improved it a lot. In version 2.20 of this land survey software we made the thickness of the lines elements much thicker. This goes for all line elements like lines, arcs and polylines. This increases the visibility of those line elements. And it makes things easier for you to work with. That is all what Apglos is about to make land surveying easier.

The height of points can be changed in this land survey software

Sometimes you survey a point and you want to change the height of it. After that you can make a landXML file for machine control. Now that is possible with Apglos Survey Wizard.

You only have to select the point and click on the draw button in the draw screen after having selected change heights. So for your machine control files you don’t have to send any files anymore to the office. Everything can be done on the spot. This helps you to do things faster.

Only point number for stake out point selection

In previous versions on the stake out screen you could see a lot of information. It was not clear to everyone what everything in that information line meant. So we changed it. Now you can only see the point number. This makes it easy to know what the information is. So it is also easier to select a point from the point selector in the stake out screen.

We keep on improving this GPS land survey app

We keep on improving Apglos Survey Wizard. In other words follow us on Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook to stay up-to-date.