New in land surveying app Apglos Survey Wizard version 2.18

On the 5th of march 2020 we launched a new version of the land surveying app Apglos Survey Wizard. We added more features and improvements.

New in version 2.18 of this land surveying app

We improved four things in version 2.18. These improvements are:

  • adding CRS of New Zealand
  • integrating geoid18 of the USA
  • improved messages of NTRIP
  • adding message when a new version is online

Now we added the CRS of New Zealand

New Zealand uses the geoid NZGEOID2016. We could integrate this geoid in Apglos survey Wizard. Which meand that the coordinate reference systems are now in this land surveying app. New Zealand has more than 40 coordinate reference systems. So the Apglos Survey Wizard users can now chose which coordinate system they want to use.

Geoid18 of the USA is now in this land surveying app

The world changes. So also the data that users need for GPS land surveying changes. So once in a while the official national institutes change the geoid information. This time it was the turn for NOAA. This is the institute of the USA. On their website you can find the information on the current geoid and on previous geoids.

After some years they changed the geoid information. For GPS surveying it only means that the heights change a bit. For you as a user it only means to select the correct coordinate reference system in the settings of Apglos Survey Wizard.

Settings screen of land survey software Apglos Survey Wizard

After doing that the app asks you to download the geoid file. After downloading and clicking the OK button you can start to land survey right away with the correct geoid information.

Clear message for NTRIP

In previous versions sometimes when the NTRIP connection was lost messages were given that were not completely correct. Now that is changed. If the NTRIP connection gets broken you will get a clear message on what is wrong. This means it is easier for you to recover the NTRIP connection. This will increase your surveying production.

New version notification

We work hard on improving Apglos Survey Wizard. This results in updates of this GPS app. It would be a shame if you wouldn’t use the most recent version. It would mean that those you won’t be able to use all new features and improvements.

So now we added a new version check in the software. Every time you start the land surveying app it will check for updates. If there is a new update you get a new version notification. And you can decide if you want to install the new version on the spot. When you approve of installing the new version than the new version will be installed immediatly.

Of course it is not obligated to install the new version. Sometimes you just want to survey your project and go as quick as possible. That is not a problem you can update when you want.

We keep on improving this land surveying app

We keep on improving Apglos Survey Wizard. In other words follow us on Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook to stay up-to-date.