GPS survey app version 2.17 is released. This is new!

The GPS survey app Apglos Survey Wizard is easy to use. We keep on making things easier and we like to simplify this Android app. So now there is version 2.17, where we added some more features.

New in version 2.17 of this GPS survey app

We improved three things in version 2.17. These improvements are:

  • on first start GIS operating
  • more CRS of Austria
  • CRS of Ukraine

On first start GIS operating within the GPS survey app

We changed the operation of GIS on the first start. But to simplify things we turned off the use of GIS when you start Apglos Survey Wizard for the first time. This helps you to understand better the way Apglos Survey Wizard works.

Of course you can still turn on all GIS functionality in “Other settings”.

Settings screen of land survey software Apglos Survey Wizard

For that make sure to check “On” behind “gis”. After doing that this GPS survey app works as you are used too.

There are now more CRS of Austria

Austria uses different ellipsoids. There is WGS84, MGI, MGI(Ferro) and ETRS89. There are times that you need to use some ellipsoid, but that you want to transform the latitude and longitude to some other ellipsoid to do the projection on a CRS.

One of the possibilities to do that is with a NTV2 file. To make it easy for you we integrated the calculation in Apglos Survey Wizard. So you can select now the following CRS based on the ellipsoid ETRS89:

  • East GK
  • Central GK
  • West GK
  • M28
  • M31
  • M34

So there are more options now for Austria with Apglos Survey Wizard.

Coordinate reference systems of Ukraine

Ukraine uses the geoid UGG2013 for calculating the height to an agreed level for the altitude value gotten by the GNSS receiver. Now we integrated this geoid UGG2013 into Apglos Survey Wizard. That means it is possible to chose coordinate reference systems off Ukraine.


We keep on improving this GPS survey app

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