The way to select 1 of the land survey points in Apglos Survey Wizard

Land survey points are essential in land surveying. They give information on an objects exact position.

The things you can do with selected land survey points

Selecting a land survey point in the land survey app Apglos Survey Wizard is useful. After selecting one of these points you can do many things. You can:

  • get more info on the point
  • determine the exact position of the point in x-, y- and z-coordinates
  • delete the point
  • use the point for drawing lines, arcs, polylines and polygons
  • change the point in a comment or a symbol
  • change the height of the point
  • add a photo to the point

As you can see there are many options after you have selected a point. Then there is only one question?

How to select one of the land survey points?

First of all you have to be logged in Apglos Survey Wizard and you have to have points on the screen of this land survey app. If you don’t know how to log in then check this tutorial.

So your screen of Apglos Survey Wizard should look like this:

Apglos Survey Wizard screen with land survey points

Of course the screen can also show a map or a satellite view. That does not really matter in this case.

Recognizing a selected point

In our example you see 4 land survey points. On the top point you see an orange cross.

Symbol of selected land survey point

When you see this symbol on top of the point then you know it is selected. When you survey a point like how it is explained in the tutorial on adding a point then automatically Apglos Survey Wizard selects that point.

The selection

When you want to select some other point then you only have to do one thing. That thing is to click on the point that you want to select. After this you see the orange cross change to the point you clicked on.

Apglos Survey Wizard screen after selecting one of the land survey points

On the bottom of the screen Apglos Survey Wizard shows you a message. The message confirms that you selected a point and in which layer the point has been surveyed.

Do it yourself

If you want to do it yourself and you don’t have Apglos Survey Wizard yet then go to the Google Play Store to download this land survey app for free.

Get land survey app Apglos Survey Wizard on the Google Play Store

As you can see it is very easy.