Pairing a Bluetooth device via the settings on an Android device

You need pairing with a Bluetooth GNSS receiver to be able to land survey with cm accuracy with Apglos Survey Wizard. There are two ways to pair a Bluetooth GNSS receiver with this land survey app. In this tutorial we will describe the pairing of the Bluetooth receiver without using Apglos Survey Wizard.

Things to keep in mind before pairing the Bluetooth GNSS receiver

Before you start you need to have your Android device on. There are different versions of Android. But connecting with a Bluetooth device works the same on most of the Android devices.

So it is possible that what we describe here is not completely like how you see it on your Android device. That is not a problem, because you can find the same functions that we use in this tutorial in any version of Android.

For this tutorial we use Android 7.

Another important thing to keep in mind before starting this tutorial is to have the Bluetooth GNSS receiver on. For some GNSS receivers of the different manufacturers the GNSS receiver first needs to be configured well.

Let’s start the pairing of the Bluetooth GNSS receiver

So let’s start now. Actually it is not that complicated. You only need to know how to do it. First we search for the settings button.

Settings icon for pairing a Bluetooth device

After clicking this icon the Android device will show the settings menu. The settings menu does not look the same on every Android device. But in this menu there is somewhere the option Bluetooth. Sometimes it can be hidden in some menu item in between. In Android 7 it looks like this:

Bluetooth button for pairing a Bluetooth device

Selecting the Bluetooth device to pair

Also after this clicking on this menu item a new screen will appear. In our case we click on SG1199133326283.

List of Bluetooth devices

Here you have the option to turn on or turn off the Bluetooth of the device. For this tutorial it has to be turned on. Normally you get a list right away of all the Bluetooth devices are available. If you don’t get this list then there is the option to refresh this list.

If the desired device is not in the list yet, then you also have to click on the refresh option. But when you see the desired Bluetooth device to pair, then you only have to click on it.

The Android device might ask for a pin code to be able to pair the Bluetooth GNSS receiver. Usually it is 1234 or 0000. But if those pin codes don’t work than you should ask your dealer about the correct pin code. Also for some GNSS receivers you can set the pin code yourself.

When the Android device asks for the pin code, then you fill in the pin code and click on OK. If it does not ask for it than the Android device will pair with the Bluetooth GNSS automatically.

When the pairing of the Bluetooth GNSS receiver is automatically than the screen will change.

Screen after pairing the Bluetooth GNSS receiver

You will see the device where you clicked on being moved in the category Paired devices. Now you know for sure that the pairing has succeeded succesfully.

Using the paired Bluetooth GNSS receiver with Apglos Survey Wizard

After pairing you can use the Bluetooth GNSS receiver with Apglos Survey Wizard. In some cases you have to configure the GNSS receiver it self to be able to get the right input and output.

But if you want to try the combination of your Bluetooth GNSS receiver with this land survey app than download it from the Google Play Store. Or read more about this land survey app.