Changing the coordinate reference system in Apglos Survey Wizard

The coordinate reference system determines in which coordinates form the output of the land survey app Apglos Survey Wizard. So it is important to use the correct coordinate reference system. Here we will explain how you can change the system to the correct coordinates.

Coordinate reference system, the video

Besides the description on this page we also made a video on this topic. So if you prefer seeing a video and learn to change the coordinate system that way then we you can check this video.

It is a short video and it will explain you enough for changing the coordinate reference system.


Of course you have to be logged in Apglos Survey Wizard to follow this complete tutorial. When you are logged in then you can start this tutorial from all main screens, like land survey, stake out, draw and calculate.

Changing the coordinate reference system

So first you have to go to the ‘settings‘ screen. To do so you first click on the icon of the file menu.

Icon of file menu in Apglos Survey Wizard

After that you will see a dropdown menu.

File menu

You see several options. But you have to click on ‘Other settings’. This will take you to the ‘settings’ screen.

Settings screen of Apglos Survey Wizard to change the coordinate reference system

The coordinate reference system consists of three different parts. There is the country the incoming ellipsoid and then the coordinate system.

First we need to change the country to the country where you are in. This you do by clicking the country behind the icon with the flag.

Icon of country

When you click on the selected country you will see a long list of all countries that their coordinate systems are in Apglos Survey Wizard. You select the country you need.

Selecting the country as the first step to select the correct coordinate reference system

In our example we chose Netherlands. But you can change any other. After that you see that the selected items at the incoming ellipsoid and the coordinate system change.

The incoming ellipsoid has to be selected for the land survey app to determine how the latitude and longitude have to be transformed to the selected coordinate reference system. This depends a lot on the CORS network. So you better ask your CORS provider which ellipsoid they send out.

To change the ellipsoid you click on the selected ellipsoid behind the icon of incoming ellipsoid.

Icon of incoming ellipsoid

In our example there is only one ellipsoid for the Netherlands.

Selecting the incoming ellipsoid for changing the coordinate reference system

So in our example we select ETRS89. The final step is to select the coordiate reference system behind the icon of this system.

Icon of coordinate reference system

In our example for the Netherlands with the incoming ellipsoid ETRS89 there are two options.

Selecting the coordinate reference system

In our example we chose RDNAPTRANS2008 / NAP – NLGEO2004. This name of the coordinate reference system consists of three parts:

  1. Coordinate system
  2. Vertical datum
  3. Geoid used

Finalizing the coordinate reference system

To use the coordinate reference system Apglos Survey Wizard needs data, like the geoid and sometimes ntv2 files. These files Apglos Survey Wizard downloads automatically after clicking on the ‘download’ button.

Download button in Apglos Survey Wizard

So if you see this button then click on it. Apglos Survey Wizard downloads all necessary files.

After the download you will see the ‘OK’ button.

OK button

Click on this button and you will go back to the main screen. Apglos Survey Wizard might need some time to set up all concerning the coordinate system chosen. But after that you can work with your chosen system of coordinates.

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