GPS pole points

Probably GPS pole points are the items of your GPS rover kit that have the most wear. Every point you measure they touch the ground. And it does not matter if it is concrete, stone, woord, sand or any other material the GPS pole point will in the end be worn out.

But that is not a problem. Because you can replace the GPS pole point of your GPS rod very easily. So accurate measuring is done.

Different options for a GPS pole point

On the bottom of your GPS rod you can use different endings. The most common one is the GPS pole point. But there are other endings for your GPS rod.

So of course there is the the round flat base. The ending of the GPS rod makes sure that the GPS rover kit does not penetrate any soft surface. And if you want to work accurate that is important. Because if your GPS rover kit penetrates like sand or clay, then the height won’t be correct.

Besides this sand foot or flat base wears down less. The bottom surface is bigger so it gives more resistance.

GPS shoes for even softer surfaces

It is possible that the sand foot even penetrates some surfaces. The material of the surface is than very soft. You can image that for example in swamps or when you have to survey a terrain where the top layer is of peat. Then it is time to use even a wider GPS pole point.

And there is. Some people might call it wide base topo shoe. On the bottom of this type of GPS pole point there is a flat circle plate. The plate is bigger than the GPS rod. And that makes the chance of the GPS rod to penetrate the surface that you want survey even less.

Be prepared

When you have a project you never know what you can expect. The surface of the terrain can even change within a project. So it is always wise to be prepared. And you are prepared when you have more than one GPS pole point type with you.

Then it does not matter anymore if the soil you have to survey is soft or hard. Then you will always be able to measure. So just make sure you have the necessary types of GPS pole points with you.

GPS pole point connection

GPS rods have kind of a standard method of connection. This is with the 5/8 inch x 11 type of screw. To make sure that the point, shoe or foot will fit you normally only have to check if you need the point to be female, with a hole, or to be male, with a screw.

So consider that when you order your GPS point, shoe or foot. And after that you will be prepared for any land surveying project that you will do.


Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 5 cm
End type

Point, Topo shoe, Wide topo shoe


5/8" x 11 female, 5/8" x 11 male


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