GNSS receiver cable

You can use a GNSS receiver cable for charging and for communicating data. Yes, besides communication via Bluetooth many GNSS receivers also send data through a cable.

Then there is an issue. Not all GNSS receivers have the same type of ports. Besides the manufacturers like to have their equipment to communicate with many different types of hardware. So there are also many different types of cables.

Easy selection of your GNSS receiver cable

Usually it is hard to find the GNSS receiver cable that you want. On this page it is a bit different. Because we only have one page for all cables. You only have to select the plugs you want. And you have to select the length.

So in three easy steps you can pick the GNSS receiver cable you need. It is quick and easy. And that is what we like the process of picking a cable needs to be.

Besides that you can also select the brand of your GNSS receiver. That will take you quicker to the cable you need.

Anyway this cable selector is the way to go if you don’t want to take a long time to search for your cable.


So the main thing in picking a cable is to select the right plugs. There are many different plugs. And the type of plug depends to which device you want to plug it in. So here are some examples of the plugs that are around when it comes to a GNSS receiver cable:

  • DB9
  • RS232
  • TNC
  • USB-A
  • USB-B
  • SMA
  • USB-C

And there are more. But besides that of all those types of plugs there is a female and a male version.

With the male version there are pins coming out. And the female version of this plug receives the pins of the female version. So in this version is one or more holes. It depends on the type of plug.

Length of GNSS receiver cable

The length of the cable is important. Because it determines how far apart the two devices can be. When the GNSS receiver cable is short, like 0.5 m then the devices should almost be next to each other.

That can be useful if you just want to configure the GNSS receiver. But when you want to use it in the field a longer cable might be more useful. So there are also longe GNSS receiver cables. For example there are the ones of 2 meter.

So it is always wise to consider the purpose where you want to use the cable for to determine the length. The nice thing is that you can always extend a cable with another cable. And you can shorten the cable by rolling it.


Every brand of GNSS receiver has its own cables. So to be sure that the GNSS receiver cable works with your GNSS receiver it is always good to chose the cable from the brand of your GNSS receiver.

But of course that is not obligated. There are cables of other brands that have the same plugs. And when they have the plugs you need they should work without problems with your GNSS receiver even though the GNSS receiver cable is not of the same brand as your GNSS receiver. But the cable can be cheaper.

And when things are cheaper and they still work it is a major benefit.

Choice of cables

We keep on adding cables with different lengths and different plugs. But if you are missing the cable you need then please contact us. We can make you a special offer then. Just fill in the contact form below with the length of the cable and the plugs you need.

We will search the cable for you. And that will save you lots of time.




    Weight 0.15 kg
    Dimensions 10 × 5 × 2 cm
    Plug 1

    DB9 serial, female, DB9 serial, male, None, Lemo 9 pins, male, Lemo 9 pins 90 degrees, male, USB A, 2.0, male, USB A, 2.0, female, USB C, 2.0, male, USB C, 2.0, female

    Plug 2

    DB9 serial, female, DB9 serial, male, None, Lemo 9 pins, male, Lemo 9 pins 90 degrees, male, USB A, 2.0, male, USB A, 2.0, female, USB C, 2.0, male, USB C, 2.0, female


    0.15 m, 0.5 m, 1.0 m, 2.0 m


    Emlid, No brand


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