Surveying software will help you to sell more GPS equipment.

Surveying software is the key for more sales

As a dealer you want to sell more. You want to sell the most of the products, where you have the biggest margin. In a GPS kit of course that is the most expensive part. It is the GNSS receiver.

Of course having good GNSS receiver will sell well. There is a way to boost the sales of GNSS receivers. It is kind of easy.

Land surveyors and anyone that wants to do GPS land surveying will most of the time just turn on the GNSS receiver. Further they will only focus on the surveying software on the handheld and the tablet.


Making GPS equipment reachable for anyone

Nowadays not everyone that wants to use a GPS kit studied as a land surveyor. You can read more about that here. So the easy-to-use software for land surveying and GIS mapping should make GPS equipment reachable for anyone.

There is where we come in.

Easiest land surveying software in the field

We developed the easiest land survey app in the field. It is called Apglos Survey Wizard. With this Android GPS app anyone can land survey and do GIS mapping. No course is needed.

Try Apglos Survey Wizard for free

You can try this land survey app for free for a period of 30 days. Just download and install it from the Google Play Store.


More land surveying software

Apglos Survey Wizard is just one of our land survey apps. It is the main one, but we have other apps, related to GPS as well. You can check them out here.

Become our dealer

So the conclusion is that with our GPS apps you will be able to sell more GPS equipment. That will be a great thing when you are a dealer. The process is kind of easy:

  1. Become our dealer
  2. Offer the easiest land surveying software in the field
  3. Convince more clients to buy GPS equipment because you can offer our software
  4. Sell more GPS equipment
  5. Be happy.

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