We realize that our software and services may not be as familiar to you as we would like. So we invite you to visit us at one of the events we participate in. It is a great opportunity to get to know our software, as well as our company. We also like to meet you, because we appreciate the knowledge and ideas you might have. See you soon!

Sort of events

We love to demonstrate our land survey software and GIS mapping apps on the spot. Fairs and events (GPS or related) are the best place to do that. It gives us the chance to show you what we have to offer and gives you an opportunity to make up your mind about us. Ultimately we’d like you to join our ranks and become a dealer of our unique and great software.

But first; just let’s meet up!


The things we do at events

Of course we love to talk to you. But there is more. We like to give you a full-on experience with our software and hardware.

We will be giving answers to questions you might have and demonstrations on how it all works. But you can also try the Apglos Survey Wizard for yourself. Pushing the buttons on our Apglos Armor-tablet and experiencing how software and hardware are collaborating in providing the data that is needed. In most of the events we won’t be in the field, but we will be in an event hall. Still, we believe you will get the hang of it soon enough.

After testing our software and tablet Apglos Armor you are more than welcome to check out our amazing GPS accessories. We will have testproducts on display. You can touch, feel and try them out. We always try to bring the following GPS accesories with us to our events:

  • GPS rod
  • Tablet holder
  • GPS rod connector
  • GPS bag

The events that will will participate in

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