Water, dirt, dust. You need a rugged tablet when you are in the field. Furthermore; it needs to run on Android to use our land survey apps and must be updated to work smoothly.

Our gis mapping and land surveying software work on any Android tablet or Android device, but when we are honest; we would like you to get the most out of our software. And that means you will need a great device to complement the functionalities our apps have to offer and something sustainable when going outside.

So we wanted to help you in finding what you need. On this page we describe what a device needs to run perfectly together with our software. We are aware that it may not help you enough in preparing for what you need. To help you even further we came up with our own solution. A rugged and waterproof tablet, build to be used outdoors. We call it the Apglos Armor.

Tablet with needs

Of course you are welcome to use your own device for land surveying with our software. Especially when you are using it for small projects or just for the one time. But we still like to tell you how to get the most out of the device you are going to use. So you can check off the requirements and go about your land surveying.

1. The device needs to be rugged, water-, shock- and dustproof. It needs to be protected in case of falling, bad weather and rough circumstances. It would be a shame if you collected data and the device stopped working in the middle of harsh conditions.

2. The device needs a Bluetooth-connection. To get centimeter accuracy you need to make a connection through a GNSS receiver. The fastest and simplest method is to link a GNSS receiver to an Android tablet via Bluetooth.

3. The operating system on the device must be Android. Our software works via Android for a lot of reasons. Want to know more; read on.

4. The device needs specific sensors for measuring correctly. Which ones? Read on.

5. It has to be able to make an internet connection through Wi-Fi or a mobile data bundle.

6. Some functions require a camera.


Android Version

Google keeps on improving its operating system Android. Some functions or features are added and some are deprecated. Nevertheless our land survey apps work on any Android tablet that has the operating system of Android 4.2 or above. This Android version is also called Jelly Bean. Android 4.2 was released in 2012. So that is already quite a long while ago.

The chances that our GPS apps work on your Android tablet or Android phone are very high.

The direction of your Android tablet

Some of our GPS apps use sensors of an Android tablet to point to a direction. One of those GPS apps is Apglos Survey Wizard. For staking out it uses these internal sensors to direct you to the exact point to stake out.

The sensors your tablet needs to have are:

  • Magnetic Field Sensor
  • Gyroscope Sensor

Apglos Armor

Although our requirements are not that hard to check off, we believe in helping our clients even a step further. After talking to some of our clients we decided to develop our own rugged and worthy tablet, the Apglos Armor.

It is a tablet that checks all the boxes and comes with our app Apglos Survey Wizard. If you like to know more or want to see the tablet in action, just visit us at one of our events or give us a call.