You need a rugged tablet running on Android to use our land survey apps. Of course our gis mapping software work on any Android tablet or Android device, but most of the time you will work outside with our GPS apps, so then the Android tablet should be able to resist dust, hits and water. A waterproof tablet is adviced to work outside.

The rugged tablet needs Bluetooth to GPS land survey with accuracy

To get centimeter accuracy you need a connection with a GNSS receiver. The easiest method to make a connection between a GPS receiver and an Android tablet is with Bluetooth. So to work with our land survey apps with centimeter accuracy you need a rugged tablet with Bluetooth.


The Android version that should be on your rugged tablet

Google keeps on improving the operating system Android. Some functions or features are added and some are deprecated. Nevertheless our land survey apps work on any Android tablet that have the operating system of Android 4.2 or above. This Android version is also called Jelly Bean. Android 4.2 was released in 2012. So that is already quite a long while ago.

The chance that our GPS apps work on your Android tablet or Android phone are very big.

The direction of your Android tablet

Some of our GPS apps use some sensors of the Android tablet to point to a direction. One of those GPS apps is Apglos Survey Wizard. For staking out it uses these internal sensors to direct you to the exact point to stake out.

The sensors the rugged tablet needs to have are:

  • Magnetic Field Sensor
  • Gyroscope Sensor

Other requirements for the Android device

Besides the operating system and the sensors integrated in the Android device our software has some more requirements to run. Of course the Android tablet needs to have an internet connection. If it is with mobile data or with Wi-Fi doesn’t matter. Besides that for some functions in our GPS apps the tablet needs to have a camera.

For outside work we advise working with a rugged tablet

You work with our land survey apps outside. We advise using a rugged tablet. When you work outside, there is a risk that the Android tablet will fall. Of course it is no ones intention, but it can happen. If the tablet is not rugged then, there is a big change on damage.

Besides the tablet being shockproof we advice an Android tablet that is dustproof an waterproof.


That are all requirements

This are not that many requirements for running our surveying software. To run our GPS software we also developed our own rugged tablet. It is called Apglos Armor.