GPS accessories are next to the GPS receivers and Android devices very important.

GPS accessories are the last piece of the puzzle

If you want to have a complete GPS kit then you some items. Of course there is the land survey software Apglos Survey Wizard, This land survey app has to be installed on an Android device, like the Apglos Armor tablet. Besides that you need a GNSS receiver. That is needed for centimeter accuracy.

To make the puzzle complete you need more. You need the GPS accessories.

GPS rod

We have our own GPS rod. It is called Apglos lance. That has to do with our office. Our GPS rod is 2 meters long. It exists of two sections. The sections connect with a screw connection.

The original bottom of the GPS rod exists of a point. This point can be replaced by a sand foot or a flat foot.

Our GPS rod had a soft hand grip. Which makes it easy to carry.

Connecting the tablet with the GPS rod

The Android tablet can be connected with our Apglos lance. You can do this by our tablet holder Apglos Claw. The tabletholder can hold big tablets and small tablets. It makes the GPS kit complete.

GPS bag for carrying your GPS kit

There are casings for GNSS receivers. We have a solution where you can put everything except for the GPS rod. In this way you can carry the whole GPS kit without problems. In the GPS bag fits:

  • the GNSS receiver
  • the Android tablet
  • the tablet holder
  • the chargers for the GNSS receiver and rugged tablet
  • the cables for the GNSS receiver and rugged tablet
  • extra batteries

Development of more GPS accessories

We didn’t finish developing GPS accessories with the products mentioned on this page. One of our other developments is a rod connector. It has the same size as a pole point or sand foot. This will turn your GPS rod into an extension piece of 2 m.

This is great when you want to receive more satellite signals.