GPS hardware and equipment are the basic necessities for the optimal use of our land survey software. Without the proper tools, land surveying is complex and almost not possible. Especially not when you need accurate and precise results.

We believe that your role as a dealer is indispensable. Helping clients reach their goals when it comes to measuring and land surveying by offering them the best tools on the market, that’s your part to play. And we like to help you with that. By making our software compatible with a large variety of brands in hardware and equipment, it is easier for you to provide clients with choices. Finding the right gear and offering them a complete deal is always a good idea, don’t you agree?

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GPS hardware starts with a GNSS receiver

There are many ways for using GPS. But when it has to be for accurate measuring, you will need a good GNSS receiver.

GNSS receivers are produced by many different brands. For the client that is not an expert, it can be hard finding out which brand is best. So we tried to make our software flexible in connecting with as many brands of receivers as possible. We use the general protocols of sending and receiving data to and from the GNSS receiver.

But we discovered quickly that some brands don’t like easy-to-use land survey apps as Apglos Survey Wizard. So they started to protect their GPS hardware by using different protocols.

We were not fooled. We found out that there are some ways to connect even these protected GPS hardware with our land survey software.

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Android device as GPS equipment

Our land survey apps run on Android, which has proven to be a great way to share our software with a large audience. It is accessible, easy and it takes advantage of developments that are made for Android.

But there are also some things to consider. In developing our software we realized that there are some requirements for the Android devices that are used.

One we need to point out is that the Android version that is installed on the device can affect the usability of our apps. Android is in continuous development. New features are added and some features of older versions are deprecated.

We are aware of these developments and try to make sure that the compatibility of our apps are in pace with the development of new Android devices and updates.

Our own GPS hardware: the Apglos Armor tablet

Land survey GPS equipment is often used outside in very harsh circumstances. There is rain, wind, cold and heat. Also the terrain can be rough with sand and dirt. The hardware and equipment available are often designed with these conditions in mind.

As an Android device is also a part of the needed gear, it has to be strong and rugged. Dustproof and waterproof.

Just a few Android devices are designed for these circumstances. So, with our own experience in mind, we developed a tablet. The Apglos Armor. Shockproof and ready to be used in the field!

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GPS equipment needs accessories to function

Land surveying in the field needs more than ‘just‘ measuring GPS hardware and equipment. When standing on land, you will need accessories like GPS rods, tablet holders and GPS bags. Protecting the gear and working safely is as important as collecting the correct data.  As a consequence to this we developed some GPS accessories to make GPS land surveying easier and safer.

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