GPS hardware or GPS equipment are very important to use our land survey software.

Main GPS hardware is GNSS receivers

There are many ways of using GPS. When it has to be accurate you need a good GNSS receiver.

There are lots of brands of GNSS receivers. Many brands make different GPS equipment and GNSS receivers. In the beginning our land survey software can connect with any GNSS receivers. Our software uses the general protocols of sending and receiving data to and from the GNSS receiver.

Some brands don’t like easy-to-use land survey apps as Apglos Survey Wizard. So they protect their GPS hardware by using different protocols.

Nevertheless there are some easy ways to connect this GPS hardware with our land survey software.

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Android devices as GPS equipment

Our land survey apps run on Android. There are many different android devices. With our software you create great land survey GPS hardware.

There are some things to consider. Our software has some requirements for the Android devices. Of course there is the Android version. Android is on continuous development. So new features are added to newer devices and some features of older versions are deprecated.

We consider this development and make sure that you can make GPS equipment of as wide variaty of Android devices as possible.


Our own GPS hardware: the Apglos Armor tablet

Land survey GPS equipment has to be used outside in very harsh circumstances. There is rain, wind, cold and heat. Also the terrain can be rough. That is why the Android device has to be strong and rugged. It has to be dustproof and waterproof.

Not many Android devices have this feature. That is why we developed our own tablet.

Apglos Armor

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You need GPS accessories too to make GPS equipment work

GPS equipment can only be used when you have the right GPS accessories. GPS rods, tablet holders and GPS bags are needed. We developed some GPS accessories to make GPS land surveying easier.

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