Land surveyors use our land survey apps. But also other people like an archaeologist or a gardener use our GPS apps. The market for our land survey software is huge.

In the past only a land surveyor used GPS equipment

Already during the time of the construction of the great pyramids in Egypt there were already land surveyors. Since then in history being a land surveyor was a specialistic job. To be a land surveyor you need a lot of specialistic knowledge, like working with land survey equipment. Also the mathematical skills of a land surveyor needs to be high.


GPS changed everything

And then there was GPS. Of course the first people that used GPS for land surveying were land surveyors. With GPS the need for mathematical skills became less. It became easier to become a land surveyor. GPS also gave more possibilities.

Nowadays land surveying without GPS is a rarity. It still happens. This is most of the time when the circumstances ask for it.

Then there was Apglos Survey Wizard

Since in the beginning GPS equipment was only used by land surveyors, most GPS surveying software is developed for them. We see that not only land surveyors but also an archaeologist and a gardener want to use GPS for simple land surveying projects. With the existing land surveying software that was not possible.

That is why we developed Apglos Survey Wizard.

This land survey app for Android makes anyone able to land survey with GPS.

GPS land surveying for an archaeologist and a garderner

Because of Apglos Survey Wizard GPS land surveying is not only for land surveyors anymore. Anyone that used to hire a land surveyor for this work, can do it now him- or herself.

An archaeologist can map all the findings. If he finds something in the soil, he can map the location of the finding and add all nessecary information.

Also a gardener uses Apglos Survey Wizard with GPS equipment to be able to stake out all he needs.

Even stage builders use Apglos Survey Wizard. Because of this land survey app they can put the stage, they have to build, on the correct location.

Land surveying for dummies to a land surveyor

So we made GPS land surveying reachable for everyone. Apglos Survey Wizard is good for land surveying for dummies. But it is also good for professional land surveyors.