From our own experience we know that the market for our apps is larger than most people would think. We developed our Apglos Survey Wizard with our own story in mind. Coming to the realization that not only land surveyors need our app, but that also that a contractor, architect, landscaper and even an archaeologist could use our discovery, changed our perspective. And we hope yours will too.

In the past

When the great pyramids in Egypt were constructed, there were already land surveyors in place. They played a special part throughout history when it came to mapping terrain, measuring specific pieces of land or helping in constructing epic buildings and landmarks.

Being a land surveyor meant you needed a lot of specialistic knowledge, like working with land survey equipment and knowing how to interpret the data that was collected. Also the mathematical skills of a land surveyor were greatly valued. It was a job for the elite.


GPS changed everything

And then the American military developed GPS (Global Positioning System) in 1967. Of course they did not use GPS for land surveying. But the discovery and application meant a lot for how we do things today. With the development of GPS the need for mathematical skills became less important. In a way, being a land surveyor was no longer a learned skill. Besides that, the use of GPS gave more possibilities in time, accuracy and saving money.

Nowadays land surveying without GPS is a rarity. But it still happens. And we celebrate this craft, because it is truly a skill. Especially when unique circumstances call for it.

Then there was Apglos Survey Wizard

Because of the skill that land surveyors needed to have, they were the ones that created the first specifications for GPS equipment ánd the software that came with it.

But, as we learned ourselves, also archaeologists and landscapers want to use GPS for simple land surveying projects. They want to save time, money and like to have their own data collected for managing their projects with more efficiency. With the existing land surveying software it was not possible. It was simply too complicated to be used by a layman.

That is why we developed Apglos Survey Wizard.


Land surveying for everyone

Our land survey app for Android enables you and your clients to land survey with GPS. It is the core of what we want to accomplish; creating an opportunity to help people manage and collect their own data in an easy way.

Anyone that used to hire a land surveyor for the work, can now do it him- or herself.

An archaeologist can map findings. When he stumbles upon something of interest in the soil, he can map the location and add all necessary information.

Also a landscaper uses Apglos Survey Wizard with GPS equipment to be able to stake out all he needs to do and plan everything ahead.

Even stagebuilders use Apglos Survey Wizard. Because of this land survey app they can put the stage, they have to build, on the correct location.

Land surveying for dummies?

So we made GPS land surveying software accessible for anyone and everyone. Apglos Survey Wizard proved itself to be an excellent tool for land surveying for ‘dummies’. But why stop there? We also believe it is a great new way for professional land surveyors to be more productive and transparant towards their clients. With easy access and compatibility land surveyors can share their measurements even more efficiently. Also the communication between client and land surveyor can be more on the same level. That’s what we all want and need, don’t we?