Developing GPS software is our passion and expertise. We have learned a great deal about the market in researching and designing our apps. At this point we are proud of our easy working GPS software, but we also realize that an app sometimes needs to be customized for a specific purpose. Especially when it comes to the needs of our partners, like you. We like a challenge and are therefor open to any suggestions, specific modifications and wants.

Custom made GPS software

Having an idea for a GPS app is a great start. But before an app can become a reality, it takes a long time researching, developing and refining. It takes up a lot of time and money. Something you might not want to invest in.

That is were we come in. Since our developers are experts in developing software based on GPS, we could take this time consuming process out of your hands.

Testing, refining and building; you can leave it with us. Just share your ideas and we are here to make them become a reality!


Programming languages

Now we are going to get a little more technical. Just to make sure you know we understand where you are coming from when you have a great idea for an app.

When it comes to programming, we know there are a lot of different languages that can be used. Like there is VB, Java, Kotlin, C++ and more. Our software developers can program in any of these languages. It just comes down to your own wishes and preferences.

Our programmers can also integrate a specific part of coding in these or other languages in your already existing code. By doing this you can add more functionality to your own GPS software.

Just ask and we can see what needs to be done to make your vision come true.

A great example: Attenberger Connector

One of our dealers, Josef Attenberger GmbH, had a great idea. So they asked us to develop some GPS software specifically for them. Of course we accepted the challenge and came up with their own GPS app called the ‘Attenberger Connector’.

With this app you are able to connect your GNSS receiver with your Android device and make your Android device by a centimeter accurate. In using this app you can use your all your other apps on your Android device with a centimeter accuracy.

Technical: This GPS software also reads the RTCM messages 1021, 1023, 1025 and 1027 to transform latitude, longitude and ellipsoidal height to German Austrian and Swiss coordinate systems.

Turn your idea into real GPS software

We want to help you with turning your ideas into real, functional and easy working software. Our process is quite simple:

  • Tell us your idea
  • We will write a plan including an estimate of the costs
  • Award us the assignment
  • We will develop the complete software
  • You can test the software/apps for yourself

When you are happy with the endresult, we are happy as well.

Using or selling your own software is the final step. Enjoy!