You can OEM software or rebrand our software, like Apglos Survey Wizard.

OEM software or rebranding

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. We are not a real manufacturer. We are a developer. Nevertheless we have the possibility to OEM software of us. In this way you can use our GPS apps as your own and integrate it in your GPS kits.


Rebranding or OEM software means changing our software

You can of course integrate our GPS apps in your GPS kits without rebranding it. We have another possibility. You can change the look of our land survey apps. This means the Android application will look like it is yours. You can change a lot of thing. For example you can change:

  • the colors
  • the application icon
  • the logo
  • the start screen
  • the button icons
  • font


This will help you to have a complete and easy-to-use GPS kit completely under your own name.

Your great GNSS receiver with awesome easy-to-use land survey software

We are sure you, as a GNSS supplier, can produce a great GNSS receiver. Developing and producing a good GNSS receiver is very different from developing great GPS software.

For making a good GPS kit you need a combination of both: a GNSS receiver and a land survey app. As you are good in your work, we do our work well. We are specialists in GPS land survey applications.

Let’s combine both and make a great GPS kit together.

The benefits of OEM software

There are many benefits in rebranding our land survey apps. The first one is of course that you can combine your GNSS receiver with the easiest-to-use land survey application in the field.

Further of course you don’t have to spend lots of money for developing land surveying software. This means also that you can focus on what you are good at. And so will we. In this way you can take the best of both worlds.

As a third great benefit you will have a great partner. We don’t just offer you rebranded software, but we will also help you with the helpdesk and support. You won’t be alone. On request we can add features to the rebranded software.

Contact us to know the possibilities

You can contact us about the OEM software programm. Contact us and we will start explaining you more.

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