We are in it for making users happy and land surveying easy. It is more important to us than keeping our name. That’s why we came up with the possibility to OEM or rebrand our software, like Apglos Survey Wizard, for your own purposes. Read all about it here.

OEM software or rebranding

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Apglos is not a real manufacturer. We are a developer. Nevertheless we have the opportunity to label our software as OEM. It makes it possible for you to add our software to your products and call it your own.

Rebranding is more of a marketingrelated choice. When you like our apps and are convinced they work well, you can rebrand them. A new name, extra functionalities and a customized look are just a few of the possibilities when you think of rebranding.



Changing our software

Of course you can always integrate our GPS apps in your GPS kits without rebranding. It is the fastest, cheapest and easiest way for complementing your products for the customer.

But when you think of rebranding, we would like to give you some ideas. For example you can change the look of our land survey apps. This means the Android application will look like it is yours. Just to give you an idea of what is possible, when it comes to the look of an app:

You can customize:

  • the colors
  • the application icon
  • the logo
  • the start screen
  • the button icons
  • the font

Adjusting and customizing the app can also be about functionality or usability. It makes the app fitting for your needs and also for your (specific) clients.

A complete GPS kit, with just one name, one brand. It could be yours!

A resume of the benefits

There are many benefits in OEM or rebranding our land survey apps. We like to convince you why this could be the right decision for you to make.

  1. Combining your GNSS-receiver and our great working apps are a winning team.
  2. You don’t have to invest in research and development, because it is already been figured out. It saves money and a lot of time, that you can use for what you are great at.
  3. Partnering up with us means a dedicated business relation. We don’t just offer you rebranded software, we also like to help you in providing you and your clients with a helpdesk and support.

Contact us and discover the possibilities

Want to know more about the possibilities for your own brand? Just contact us. We like to answer questions and think along with you. With our experience and your ideas, we can come a long way.

Contact us!