As a supplier of GPS survey equipment you need to know what your customers want and need. The days of simply producing and selling are over. It has become increasingly more complicated as new brands and suppliers began to emerge. At this time you are not alone in developing and manufacturing equipment for this growing market. Land surveying is done by more people than ever and they all have their own needs and wishes.

You, by now, realize you have to offer something different, something that will make you stand out as a supplier. We, from Apglos, can help you stand out in the crowd. By introducing our land surveying software as the way to bind your customers to you and your brand. We offer you the opportunity to deliver great hardware as well as reliable, easy-to-use and accurate software. Read more about our software and ideas in this section of our website. Feel free to look around.

your GPS survey equipment and our software makes a winning team

You, as a supplier, produce excellent GPS survey equipment. That is something we are sure of. But we both know that having a good GNSS receiver (hardware) is not enough for creating a complete and well working GPS kit. That is why we believe that combining your GNSS receiver with our land survey apps, like Apglos Survey Wizard, is what makes a winning team. Let’s meet up to see how to win the race!