We keep improving our cm accurate GIS mapping app and software applications continuously. New developments get integrated in Apglos Survey Wizard all the time. Want to know whether you have the latest updates? Keep in check with our website.

We need your input

Feel free to share your suggestions with us. We benefit from your experiences and input. Collecting new ideas and brainstorming on how to integrate them in the Apglos Survey Wizard is what we like to do. It keeps our app relevant and on point for our users.

Our main goal

Our main goal is to keep our land survey software easy in usability, but also complete in functionality.

In applying this to our apps: everyone should be able to use Apglos Survey Wizard, without needing a (expensive) course. GIS mapping should be about just turning the app on and start working. GPS land surveying should be about making a bluetooth connection with a GNSS receiver and starting right away. Saving time, straightforward and delivering accurate results.

Apglos Survey Wizard is the only cm accurate GIS mapping app that works like this. And we are proud of this!

New developments

Besides the user input we receive, we also keep a sharp eye on the market. New developments in our own field, but also in the surrounding markets have our attention. This gives us a great advantage to add new functionalities in Apglos Survey Wizard.

Versions of Apglos Survey Wizard

Apglos Survey Wizard gets improved all the time by our development team. They are great in adding the needs of the user and to keep the software simple. They can do all this in a very short amount of time. That is why there are many version updates:

Version 1.24 was released on the 16th of october of 2019

In this version we divided the geoids of Alaska and Canada. This makes it easier to use land survey app Apglos Survey Wizard in these parts of the world.

Besides that we improved the way to make a Bluetooth connection. This makes it easier to connect to different GNSS receivers.

We increased the size of the KLIC data that can be added. This means that more cable and pipe information can be imported at once.

Version 1.23 was released on the 12 oktober of 2019

We added the coordinate systems of Brasil. So people in Brasil can use our cm accurate GIS mapping app and land surveying app Apglos Survey Wizard now as well.

Besides that we improved our automatic survey function. With this function you can add polylines in a very easy way. This is awesome because you can use Apglos Survey Wizard now as a cable tracker.

Version 1.22 was released on the 8th oktober of 2019

For the USA we added the ellipsoid NAD83(2011).

Version 1.21 was released on the 6th of oktober of 2019

In this version we added the Romanian coordinate system Stereo70 transformed from ellipsoid ETRS89.

Version 1.20 was released on the 30th of september of 2019

The geoid of Australia and the USA were big. That is why we cutted the geoid files in pieces. In this way it is easier and faster to work with Apglos Survey Wizard in these countries.

Version 1.19 was releaed on the 29th of september of 2019

We are happy to announce that now Apglos Survey Wizard can also be used in Australia. The coordinate systems for Australia are added.

Version 1.18 was released on the 27th of september of 2019

We already added more coordinate systems in version 1.17. In version 2018 of this cm accurate GIS mapping app we added even more coordinate systems. This time for the countries:

  • Norway
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia

Version 1.17 was released on the 26th of september of 2019

Apglos Survey Wizard is wanted in many countries. That is why we added the coordinate systems of Poland and Phillipines to version 1.17.

Version 1.16 was released on the 21st of september of 2019

We solved some issues placing blocks in the land survey screen. From now on placing blocks will be without problems.

Version 1.15 was released on the 17th of september of 2019

In this version of the cm accurate GIS mapping app we added a complete Dutch translation. Before it was only complete in English. Most of it was translated in Dutch, but from this version it is completely in Dutch.

Version 1.14 was released on the 14th of september of 2019

One of the big differences is that we pubished our Apglos Survey Wizard on the Google Play Store. In this way it is easy to access for anyone. Also updating to the new version is very easy.

That is also the reason why we started to use new version numbers. Since it is easy to update to a new version. We can update this cm accurate GIS mapping app quicker, so we decided to use subversion numbers as well.

Besides this we changed opening files in some other coordinate system than the current one. This makes it easier to open drawings.

Version 10 was released on the 12th of june of 2019

There is a new version of Apglos Survey Wizard. We skipped version 9 and went straight forward to version 10. We added more features and improvements.

More quick buttons

In the previous versions of Apglos Survey Wizard there was already the possibility to use quick buttons. It is a great feature in this Android application for land surveying and data gathering. It speeds up the process a lot. In version 10 we increased the amount of quick buttons to 10.

The memory of quick buttons

With quick buttons you can do any of our main functions: survey, connect, arc, polyline, surface, comment and block. From now on the settings for comment and block are memorised by Apglos Survey Wizard. From version 10 it is not necessary anymore to select the settings of the comment (tekst style, size) and the block (block name, rotation). They are saved and will be shown when the specific quick button is used.

Besides that you can also save the settings of the quick buttons now in our AGL file format. So there is no need to configure the quick buttons every time you start Apglos Survey Wizard. Just open the AGL file and they will appear how you configurated them last time.

Creating landXML files

We added the option to save the surveyed data in a landXML file. The process to go from surveying to machine control is now very short. It is only: survey, change heights and locations in Apglos Survey Wizard, save as landXML and upload it in any machine control system.

Volume calculation

We added the function to calculate volumes. In the field you will be able to determine the volume now. It is one of the improvements our users were asking for. That is why we added this function in version 10.

Help to connect

There is nothing more frustrating then not getting an RTK connection. You know that there is an accuracy protection in Apglos Survey Wizard. You can’t gather data without the correction being RTK. That is why when you survey a point and it is grabbed in this Android application then you can be sure the data of the surveyed point is correct.

In version 10 we added a help beam that tells you what to do when you don’t have this RTK correction. This option will help you to enjoy using Apglos Survey Wizard more.

Improvements in staking out

Some of our users had to stake out more than 5000 points. Then it can sometimes be hard to keep track on which points already have been staked out and which ones still need to be done.

In version 10 we added the feature to mark the points that you already staked out. These markers can be saved in our AGL file format.

Also we added the option to and points to every start point, end point and corner of lines, polylines and surfaces. Because of this staking out with Apglos Survey Wizard became even easier.

Accuracy improved when needed

Some points are of more importance than others. They need to be more accurate. Apglos Survey Wizard now has the possibility to survey with the GPS location data being averaged over a short period of time. Because of this the accuracy of the location of the surveyed object increases enormously.

In version 10 you can also use this option for staking out.

Enjoy version 10

We hope you enjoy working with version 10 of Apglos Survey Wizard. We keep on improving so that you can do your work well and easy.

Version 9 was skipped and never has been released

Version 8 was released on the 27th of april of 2019

It is always nice to announce that we have a new version. This time we improved Apglos Survey Wizard. Version 8 is there. It has lots of improvements and new features. On this page we take you through the most important improvements.

Display of info balloons

It was common in Apglos Survey Wizard that when you selected a marker on the map that you would get an info balloon. Of course this is very useful to get all the information, but it slows the work process a bit down. That is why we added the possibility to change this. You can turn on and of the display of this info balloons in the configuration screen.

Pairing with Bluetooth devices

All Apglos Survey Wizard versions could make a connection with a Bluetooth device. From version 8 you can pair a bluetooth device within this Android landsurvey application. There is no need anymore to do this from the Settings menu of the Android device it self.

This makes it easier for you to work with different and new Bluetooth GNSS receivers.

Sending files

Another feature, that we integrated now in Apglos Survey Wizard, is the sending of files from this landsurvey application. When you save a file, then there is always the possibility to send the file by email. It can also be send by Whatsapp or put in your Dropbox. It all depend on what other applications you have on your Android device.

Saving DXF files improved

You could save DXF files with all Apglos Survey Wizard. In the DXF files the values of the point number, the height, the X coordinate, the Y coordinate, the deviation in X, Y and Z are stored in a AutoCAD block. In this way you can always see if the data of the survey file is accurate enough for the purpose that you want to use it for.

The problem was that when you open the file in AutoCAD or Microstation that you see lots of information and that texts cover each other. This made the texts not completely readable.

This improvement saves you time and makes sure you always send the correct file. Quality of the work process is increased.

Now we improved Apglos Survey Wizard. In version 8 we integrated the possibility to save the DXF files with the layers of the information of point number and the deviatios in X, Y and Z turned off. Of course the data is still stored in the DXF file, but when you first open the DXF file you won’t see it anymore if you select this option while saving the DXF file.

Ntrip data protected

Apglos Survey Wizard is made for users that don’t want problems in the field. You want to turn on the GNSS receiver and the Android device. Then you want to start Apglos Survey Wizard and make a connection with the GNSS receiver. That is what you want to do before surveying. That is also how Apglos Survey Wizard works. Only till now on the Bluetooth connection screen the Ntrip data could be changed accidentilly.

In version 8 we changed this. You have to select a box on the Bluetooth connection screen to be able to change the Ntrip data. This means when the Ntrip data is set correctly, then you can send anyone to the field to stake out or export points or and other land survey project. Without problems anyone can now connect and start surveying.

New coordinate systems

Of course Apglos is settled in The Netherlands. So we have a big group of users in The Netherlands. But our easy to use Android application does not keep unnoticed in the world. We got some requests to make Apglos Survey Wizard ready for other parts of the world. So we added the coordinate systems of the USA and of the Moscow Oblast in Russia. Those coordinate systems are added to the coordinate systems that were already there, like the coordinate systems of:

  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Maldives
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Great Brittain
  • Latvia
  • Ireland
  • Portugal

We will keep adding coordinate systems to Apglos Survey Wizard. If you want to have a particular coordinate system added, then please let us know. Then we can add it quickly.

We keep on improving

For sure version 8 is not the last version of Apglos Survey Wizard. We keep on improving our Android application. This will help you to do your work well.

If you want to add new features to our land survey application then contact us. We will check your requirements and develop the features that you need.

Version 7 was released on the 14th of march of 2019

We have been working hard to improve Apglos Survey Wizard. On version 6 we got lots of positive input from our users. Thanks to them we can now proudly announce version 7 of our Android application Apglos Survey Wizard. From the 14th of march 2019 it is the current version.

Display of coordinates in X/Y/Z

The users of Apglos Survey Wizard like to know where they are. Of course there has Always been Google Maps. Also the location was always visible in latitude, longitude and altitude.

Now we added the option to see the location in X/Y/Z. The display of the coordinate can be set up in the configuration screen. This makes it easier for everyone to related their position to the coordinate system that their using for their job.

Use of GPS on Android device

We added the option to turn on and off the usability of the GPS on the Android device. Of course the GPS of the Android phone or tablet is not that accurate as the GPS of the GNSS receiver. Still it gives lots of opportunities.

One of them is that you can use Apglos Survey Wizard for GIS data collection without needing an expensive GNSS receiver. Also trainings can be done without a GNSS receiver.

On the other hand you are sure that if you survey with a GNSS receiver that you always have the highest accuracy.

Display of configuration screen

We added new options in version 7 of Apglos Survey Wizard. The user can set up everything in the configuration screen. That is why we decided to change the display of the configuration screen.

We divided all options in different subjects. This makes it easier for the user to find what they want to change. The settings in the configuration screen are divided in categories

3D polylines

Users could already open DXF files in Apglos Survey Wizard. They could open lines, arcs, blocks, texts, etc. But now it is also possible to open a DXF file with 3D polylines.

Saving 3D polylines was already possible.

Installation of updates

In version 7 of Apglos Survey Wizard we decided to change the installation method of updates. Now, when a new version is available, the application will be notified and install the new version itself.

This you won’t need untill version 8 is coming.

Keeping improving

We keep on improving. We are already working hard on a new version of Apglos Survey Wizard. There will be more improvements and new developments. If you have any suggestions then you can help us by contacting us and share your ideas.

Previous versions don’t have a description.

Beta version

We work with a beta version. Active users help us to test all new functionalities and developments in the field. We use their feedback to improve Apglos Survey Wizard even more.

If you want to become a beta version user, then please contact us.

Always up-to-date

We want to make sure that all our users have the last version of Apglos Survey Wizard. This way we can guarantee the best user experience and functionality that our app has to offer. So keep updating the app in Android to be sure you have all you can have!