Apglos Survey Wizard is very easy-to-use measurement app. Anyone can use it. This land survey app has many functions. In this manual we will inform you about how to use all the functions.


Installing measurement app Apglos Survey Wizard

Installing this easy-to-use measurment app is very easy. Your Android device needs to be of Android 4.2 or higher. If your visit this website with an Android device with Android 4.2 or higher you only have to click the image below.


After that you click on install.

Opening survey software Apglos Survey Wizard

When on your Android device Apglos Survey Wizard is installed then you will find the icon of this land survey app. It looks like this:


Tab on this icon and you will open our field data collection app.

First time opening of data collection app Apglos Survey Wizard

When you open Apglos Survey Wizard for the first time, the measurement app will ask you for some permissions:

  • Camera
  • Location
  • Storage

To be able to work with this land survey app you have to accept all three permissions.

After having done this you will get a different screen.

With an activation code you can activate our survey software. The steps you have to use then are:

  1. Fill in your valid activation code in the textbox
  2. Tab the OK button
  3. Tab again the OK button when Apglos Survey Wizard says it is registrated now.

After that you can use the GIS app Apglos Survey Wizard. If you don’t have a valid activation code then you have to request one. This you do by following the next steps:

  1. Tab on the request button
  2. Fill in your email address
  3. Tab the OK button

After that you will get an activation code in your email that you will be able to use to registrate Apglos Survey Wizard.