We made some great tutorials for the land survey software Apglos Survey Wizard. We hope it will help you to use the app more efficiently. We also believe that reading and watching these tutorials can increase your productivity and generate better and more accurate results. Using the app for what it was made is our main focus, so let us know if you need anything else.

Reading or watching?

Some people like to read about how to do things. You might be one of them. But it can also be that you prefer watching video tutorials. We have both.

Down here is a list of the tutorials. When you click on them you come on a page where you can read the tutorial description, but can also watch the video on the same topic.


Starting with Apglos Survey Wizard

  • Installing Apglos Survey Wizard
  • Opening Apglos Survey Wizard for the first time
  • Restarting the walkthrough
  • Extending your license

Land surveying with our app

  • Surveying a point in a certain layer
  • Surveying a line in a new layer
  • To land survey an arc
  • Making polylines while land surveying
  • Creating an area with Apglos Survey Wizard
  • Placing a comment
  • Adding an AutoCAD block

Staking out

Drawing in the field

  • Adding a point manually

Calculating in Apglos Survey Wizard

We will keep adding more tutorials. So keep checking this page. If you have any suggestion for a tutorial that is not on this page yet, please let us know.