The Apglos Survey Wizard was made with the intention to be very easy-to-use for anyone. Land surveying and cm accurate GIS mapping has never been more simple than with our apps. Still, you may have questions. About the functionalities of the app, or simply about how to start measuring. We combined the answers on the most frequently asked questions about land surveying and cm accurate GIS mapping with the Apglos Survey Wizard, below. We hope it will improve the use of our app, whether you are collecting field data or processing measuring points.


Organizing questions about this cm accurate GIS app

Our land survey app has many features and possibilities. So it’s no wonder that the questions vary a lot too. In order to find your answer more quickly, we organized the questions and answers in categories.

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Answered questions on the cm accurate GIS app and land survey app Apglos Survey Wizard

Staking out with Apglos Survey Wizard

How to stake out a right angle with GIS app Apglos Survey Wizard?

Help from the office

Very often staking out a right angle has to be done quickly in the field. Communicating back and forward is not the most effective solution at that time. But in the Apglos Survey Wizard you can open a lot of different files. So back at the office they can make a file in DXF, TXT, CSV, SHP etc. that has a right angle in it.

Right angle

In some occasions there is a possibility that a right angle needs to be staked out. A right angle is a corner of 90 degrees. It can be modelised with three points or two lines and one point. So the basis of a right angle is a line.

Creating a line in the field

In the field you can export points and lines with Apglos Survey Wizard. This is easy in the survey screen. So we can create a line in the field without a problem. You go with the GPS kit to the point that is the startpoint of the line. There you tab on ‘Survey’. When there is a RTK fix, a point will be exported from the field to Apglos Survey Wizard.

After that you go to the endpoint of the line. With the start point selected (having the orange cross on it) you tab on ‘Connect with’. Your line has been created.

Changing the line

It is possible that you want to change the length of the line. The line that has been created is orange. That means it is selected. We just have to go to the drafting screen. On this screen we select the option ‘Extend’. You can give the distance that the line has to be extended or shortened. Shortening is done with a negative distance. You can select from which point (startpoint or endpoint) the line has to be shortened. After that, you tab on ‘Draw’.

Knowing the length of the line

If you want to know the length of a line, you need to go to the calculation screen first. Here you select ‘Length’ and then you tab on the button ‘Calculate’. The length of the line will be given. After knowing the length you will know the distance that you want to extend or shorten the line with.

Creating the third point of the right angle

Having done all your work in Apglos Survey Wizard, we want to make sure that we are in the drafting screen. There you select ‘Offset’. You also put in a distance. And you select if you want to offset the line left or right. This last option is seen from being on the startpoint of the line.

When everything is filled out, then you tab on ‘Draw’. You will see a new line being drawn and having the startpoint en the endpoint being marked with a marker. Both newly created markers give a right angle from the line that was selected.

Staking out

You have to go to the staking out screen. In this screen you can select the markers one by one. On the left side of the screen you will see the direction and the distance to the marker. Follow the direction of the arrow till the distance is 0 m. Then put a picket (or any other marker you like to use) on that location. You can do this for all the three points. After that you have succesfully staked out a right angle.

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