Our land surveying apps were created after the release of Android and after the introduction of Google Play Store. It enabled the compatibility with almost any sort of device and improved the usability for non-land surveyors.

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Google Play Store cleared the way for land surveying apps

The first land survey software was based on Windows by Microsoft. It was accessible for the workfield, but not for the ‘outsider‘. Since Android was introduced in 2007, everyone got access to the app-building-game. Like many other professional workfields, it also seemed that a path was cleared for land survey software on Android devices. It not only made the accessibility possible for a lot more people, it was also a lot easier to distribute software to different devices. Other benefits of using Android is that the app starts quicker and the interface is straightforward; anyone can use it.

In 2017 Google announced that there were 2 billion monthly active Android devices. We are sure that since that date the amount only increased.

It was a logical move for us to start building apps for Android devices. It fulfilled our goals of making our software accessible for non-land surveyors and for a wide range of users.

More users is more desired functionality

The active amount of Android devices increases. So do the wishes and desires of the people that use them. More data, more functionality. They expect more out of their hardware ánd software. That is no different when it comes to land surveying and GIS apps. And we understand that need.

That’s why we not only developed some great apps for land surveying, but also continue to develop new functionalities within those apps. Sometimes it means we have to create something from scratch, other times it means that we have to come up with brand new, never been done, solutions.

But that’s what we set out to do when we started Apglos. We created something out of our own need and wanted to share it with the world. So if you have a great idea or you need something added or changed in the land surveying software; just give us a call!

Land surveying apps have to be simple and easy

In all our developed apps our focus is to keep it simple and easy. Everyone needs to be able to use our surveying applications. So even if you are not trained as a land surveyor.

Our goal is and will be to enable you in measuring land for your project, get the data you need in a time- and costframe that fits you and your schedule.

And our apps can give you those things. Simple as that!

Not only easy, but also sufficient functionality

Sadly we are not the only team that came up with land surveying apps, when Android arrived. Today you can find many apps for land surveying in the Google Play Store.

Still, we believe that our apps differ greatly from all of them. Two big differences that will stand out when you try our apps:

  1. Their usability. They are tested by different people with very different backgrounds. They all could work with the apps. Apglos Survey Wizard is one of the easiest to use Android apps for land surveying in the Google Play Store.
  2. Their functionalities. Our apps have more to offer than the basics. Most apps just offer the surface, the basic data. We believe in full accessibility and provide our users with more data and also very accurate results.

We can try to convince you, but we believe in DIY (‘do it yourself‘), so download the app Apglos Survey Wizard and let us know what you think!

Our GPS apps

Apglos Survey Wizard


It is a great data collection app and gis mapping app. With this app you can start land surveying in seconds. Read more…

Attenberger Connector

This app is specially made to make other Android apps work with a accurate position. It is the connector between the GNSS receiver and any third party GIS applications.