A GPS event is a great moment to get to know our land survey apps and GPS hardware better.

We love being in a GPS event

It is great to meet our users. We like to meet you. It is a pleasure to get to know your reaction on our land survey apps. It is a great moment to reflect and it is a great moment to hear what your wishes are.

We love to listen to you

As you might know from our history we started our GPS land survey software developing as a user. Apglos grew so hard that we could not continue our civil engineering agencies and our construction company. To keep in touch with you and other users we love to listen. We take time to you and love to hear your ideas and comments. A great moment for this is a GPS event.

So when you are in the neighbourhood of a GPS event that we will participate in, then don’t hesitate and visit us.

We love to tell on a GPS event

The development of our land survey apps is not finished. We keep to improve our land survey software and GIS mapping apps. A GPS event is a great moment to tell you more about the newest features in our GPS apps.

Knowing the new features will help to improve your productivity. So don’t hestitate and visit us.

Know where our next GPS event is

Apglos is a company based in The Netherlands, but we also participate in international GPS events. We are proud to tell you about the following GPS events that we will participate in. Check them out below.

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Won't we get close enough?

The world is a big place. So there might be a chance that the closest GPS event is still far from your location. Don’t worry, just contact us and we can inform you by email, phone or we can plan a meeting.