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Non Apglos Survey Wizard related GPS questions

GPS is a big topic. Determining the position with satellite signals is complicated. On this page we will try to help you understand GPS better by answering questions that you and other users of land survey apps like Apglos Survey Wizard have.

Topics on GPS

As mentioned before GPS is a big topic. There are a lot of different topics within GPS. To make it easy for you we decided to divide the answers about GPS in different topics.

Answers on general GPS questions

About GPS you can have many questions. The most common questions are:

  • What is GPS?
  • How works GPS?

Of course there are also other GPS questions. The questions we already answered you see here.

Already answered general GPS questions:

Questions on GNSS receivers answered

To use our land survey apps with centimeter accuracy you need to use a GNSS receiver. There are many brands of GNSS receivers. And every brand has different GNSS receivers. On this topic we will help you out about what we think is important to know to be able to use our land survey software.

The answers on the following questions about GNSS receivers are here:

Android questions answered

Our land survey apps work on Android. Android is a very nice and easy operating system. Even when Android is easy to use, there are questions, because no one knows all. We will try to help you out by answering these Android questions.

Here are the answers on the questions about Android:

Ask if your question is not here

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