Welcome to our page for users. We like to tell you more about what we, and our software, can help you with. First we’d like to tell you about our apps. Unlike what most people would think is that our GPS apps are not just for land surveyors. We pride ourselves in the fact that we like to develop software that is compatible with various types of hardware as well as the difference in the level of expertise of our users.

Our Apglos Survey Wizard, for expample, has a straightforward interface and is therefore easy to use for everyone; from the experienced land surveyor to an engineer or even an archaeologist. With professional and accurate results, everybody can make the right measurements.

What does a land surveyor do?

To understand what land surveying is and what is needed, we have to look at what a land surveyor does. The focus of a land surveyor is to measure land. He collects data from the field. All collected data has information about the field’s position. The result of land surveying is the base of almost any civil engineering or construction project.

A land surveyor can also import ‘points’ in the field, or ‘stake out’. He takes a point out of a database or a drawing and marks it on the field. To do this he uses land surveying equipment and surveying software.

For short the definition of a land surveyor is: a person whose job it is to measure and record details of areas of land.


GPS changed everything

Before the invention of GPS, land surveying was a very specialistic and time-consuming job. All fields had to be measured by hand or tools on the ground. With the arrival of GPS everything changed rapidly. Most land surveyors started to use a GNSS receiver. A GNSS receiver, in general, is an electronic device that receives and digitally processes the signals from a GNSS satellite constellation in order to provide position, velocity and time (of the receiver). A huge improvement comparing the way they did things before!

Nowadays, land surveying needs to be more accurate than ever. So we developed our software according to the requirements, set by the workfield. We came up with Apglos Survey Wizard which, in combination with the hardware of a land surveyor, gets a position with an accuracy of 1-2 cm.

You can be your own land surveyor

We challenge you! We believe that with our software you can be your own land surveyor. You don’t have to hire land surveyors anymore and do the work in your own terms and time.

If you are a GIS surveyor, a contractor, a drafter or an archaeologist you can start land surveying with our land surveying apps yourself, today!

We will help you to survey land with our GPS apps

We developed different kinds of survey software. To help you use it to the full extent, we offer you manuals and tutorials. We also have a page where we answer questions asked by users. Do not hesitate if you are a land surveyor or an archaeologist; we believe that everyone deserves an answer.

We made a promise that everyone should be able to use our software, so feel free to contact us.

Our GPS apps

Apglos Survey Wizard


It is a great data collection app and land surveying app. With this app you can start land surveying in seconds. Read more…

Attenberger Connector

This app is specially made to make other Android apps work with a accurate position. It is the connector between the GNSS receiver and any third party GIS applications.