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Improvement of RTK accuracy and precision  


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07/05/2020 2:41 pm  

Hi All,

I would like to share some knowledge about accuracy and precision of RTK FIXED measurements. Although manufactures specifications claim to achieve sub centimetre accuracy we often find different results in the fields!

First of all the accuracy and precision is influenced by several factors such as:

- Satellite Geometry: the number of satellites and DOP value;

- Quality of the received satellite signal: multipath, interference, signal to noise (SNR);

- Tropospheric and ionospheric conditions;

- Quality of the RTK network or local base station received corrections;

- Quality of the mobile internet data connection.


In order to get a grip on the above factors, u can take a number of precautions during your RTK survey to improve the accuracy and precision:

- Provide a suitable GNSS location free from obstructions and good view of the "sky";

- Multiple initialization at the same point both cold and warm;

- Different measurements at different times;

- Longer duration of measurements at the same location;

- Own base station for a more stable height on a shorter baseline;

- Adjust (if possible) the settings of the elevation angle, multipath mitigation and Ambiguity Fixing Parameters of the receiver. 

Good luck!