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Green and grey icons  


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20/02/2020 9:38 am  

On top of the Google map I see two icons that sometimes are green and somey are grey. 

What is the meaning of this?

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27/03/2020 11:35 am  

Hi Teletubbie,

It is kind of easy. The satellite icon can be green and grey. When it is green you can use Apglos Survey Wizard, because the position fits the requirments that are set in "Other Settings". 

In Apglos Survey Wizard there is a security that you can only land survey when you have the required accuracy. 

Also the stopwatch changes from grey to green. This has to do with the connection with the NTRIP caster. When it is green there is a connection and when it is grey than there is no connection. This is useful when you use your Android device to connect with the NTRIP caster and will then give you an indication what is wrong if you don't have RTK.

Hope this helps. 


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