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Does Apglos Survey Wizard support ESRI SHP Files?  


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17/04/2020 1:24 pm  

Hi All,

I am an ESRI user and i try to import SHP files into the Apglos Survey Wizard. Is this possible? and how about exporting Shape files?

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01/05/2020 2:33 pm  

With Apglos Survey Wizard you can open SHP files in combination with SHX, DBF and PRJ files. Besides that you can save your data in an AGP file, which stands for Apglos GIS Project. When you do that you save all data in GIS files like SHP, SHX, DBF and PRJ. 

So yes Apglos Survey Wizard supports ESRI SHP files. 

But there is another version, which is called Apglos GIS Wizard. This Android app is made specifically for GIS purposes:

You can also try it for free.

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