Apglos Survey Wizard coins: 5500

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Your 5500 coins for surveying software Apglos Survey Wizard are here.

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This coins you can use for land survey app Apglos Survey Wizard. Apglos Survey Wizard is easy-to-use. Anyone can be a land surveyor now with this surveying software. If you want to know how the app works than check out the manual on Apglos Survey Wizard.

But of course if you don’t have the app yet then you can download the app for free from the Google Play Store. After you register for Apglos Survey Wizard you get 2500 coins for free. This is for testing purposes. When you are out of those coins then you can buy new coins here. In this case you get a coupon for 5500 coins.

This GPS survey app works in different ways. One way is with coins. Every functions costs some amount of coins. You can chose for whatever function you use the coins. Check out the value of the different coins, so you can check what you get for your money.

Nr.FunctionCredit value
1Map point10
2Map line10
3Map arc10
4Map polyline10
5Map polygon10
6Add comment10
7Add symbol10
8Select point1
9Select line1
10Select arc1
11Select polyline1
12Select polygon1
13Go to layer manager10
14New project0
15Open project100
16Save project100
17Import file100
18Retrieve land survey data0
19Go to other settings0
20Go to mapping screen0
21Go to stake out screen0
22Go to drawing screen0
23Go to calculation screen0
24Put snappoints of element10
25Mark staked out point10
26Import point manually10
27Draw line10
28Draw arc10
29Draw polyline10
30Draw polygon10
31Change attributes10
32Change point10
33Change height10
34Extend or shorten10
35Offset element10
36Calculate XYZ-value10
37Count elements10
38Calculate distance10
39Calculate height difference10
40Calculate length10
41Calculate area10
42Calculate volume10
43Connect to GNSS receiver0
45Add photo to element10
46Automatic land survey10
47Delete element10
48Accurate land survey10
49Check credits0
50Change password0
51Log off0
52Read manual0
53Start walk through0
54Go to about0

As you can see you get great value for your money.

There is another advantage. You only pay for the functions you use. And to make it even better. The coins don’t expire. So if you don’t use Apglos Survey Wizard for some reason and you start it again after a while, then you still have all the coins you left there.