Apglos Survey Wizard for a week

40.00 excl. VAT

Get a 7 days license for the easy-to-use land survey app Apglos Survey Wizard. It is the easiest land survey app in the field.


Apglos Survey Wizard is an easy-to-use land survey app. We developed it in a way that anyone can do GPS land survey with it. If you did not try it yet you can install it from the Google Play Store and try this measurement app for 30 days for free.

Extending your license

Apglos Survey Wizard works on a license base. When you buy this license you can use Apglos Survey Wizard for 7 days with complete functionality.

After buying you will get your Serial Key in your email. You can just fill in the Serial Key you received in this awesome land survey app. After that you can start using this measurment app right away.

Functionality of Apglos Survey Wizard

This land survey app has lots of functionality.

Land surveying

You can survey points, lines, arcs, polylines and polygons with this GPS app. You use layers like in drafting programms as Autocad and Microstation to do the land surveying. Also you can add comments and symbols. Besides that you can add a photo to any element that has been surveyed.

Staking out with Apglos Survey Wizard

This GPS app has the easiest way to stake out. Just select a point on the screen and right away the Android app will show the distance and direction to this point. The direction is not depended on the North or anything else. You can just follow the arrow and when the distance is 0 you can put your marker for the stake out point.


Sometimes to make things clear it is easy to add some lines to the surveyed area. This will make it clear to anyone that will see the land surveyment file after finishing. In Apglos Survey Wizard it is easy to draw. There is a simple selection tool and 1 button. With that you can add points, draw lines, arcs, polylines and polygones. Also you can offset elements and shorten or extend elements. So it is complete but easy drafting tool.

Calculation on-the-go

When you want to know detailed information you can use the calculation functionality. You can calculate distances, lengths, areas and volumes. This is all available in this measurement app.

More functionality

Of course there is more functionality. It is also possible to use GIS. Check out about this function or the other functions. Read more.