GPS heroes are important. We will tell you why.

That you are reading this page can be because of many reasons. Some reasons are because of what happened in history. What happened in the past has influence on today and will have influence on the future. GPS, mapping and land surveying is not an exception on this rule.

GPS heroes

There are some people in our history, that without them the world of GPS, mapping and land surveying would be completely different. On this page we want to honour these people. We are happy that those GPS heroes have done their great work and we realize that Apglos would not have existed without them.

Knights of Apglos

We honour these GPS heroes to make them the knights of Apglos. Thanks to them we can do what we did: making GPS land surveying easier. We love what they did and use gratefully what they left behind.

The name of many of these heroes are still used. Often they are used in transformations between latitude and longitude and a local coordinate system. We don’t think that is enough. That is why we honour them here once again.

Clicking on the name of one of the GPS heroes will give you the opportunity to read what this knight of Apglos did for GPS, mapping and land surveying. If the name is not clickable yet we will write about this hero soon.

Major importance of GPS heroes

Of course there have been many people that made some effort to make the current way of GPS land surveyment possible. We acknowledge their effort. But the heroes mentioned on this page had and still have a major importance on GPS land surveying, because they are all part of the foundation of GPS land surveying. So all these heroes also have a major importance to Apglos Survey Wizard.