Since 2019 we have our castle office in Dussen. In this office we develop our software. We also have our sales meetings. User days are also given on this very inspiring location.


The reason of being in a castle office

Maybe you think why Apglos has its office in a castle. Of course we can answer your question. The castle inspires us. It increases the creativity of our developers.

The castle also matches our main focus. We are focussed in developing software based on GPS localization. GPS localization gives you lots of information. One of them is orientation.

The castle Dussen has been already a point of orientation since the 14th century.

Apglos in the castle

Now everything is restored. And Apglos is settled in the castle. If you are interested we would like to invite you to have a business meeting in our office. The address is:

Castle Dussen

Binnen 1

4271 BV Dussen

Our office is very accessible. It is close to the highway A27. When you take the exit Dussen from this highway then it is less than 5 minutes to drive.

History of the castle office

This castle has a long history. In the 14th century a tower was situated on this location. Arent van der Dussen decided to make a castle of this tower in 1387.

Unfortunately they couldn’t enjoy the castle for a very long time. In 1421 a flood destroyed the complete castle. People from the area used the stones of the castle to rebuild their own houses.

In 1456 the family Van der Dussen started to rebuild the castle. During the war against the Spanish the Spanish army occupied the castle. They decided to leave castle Dussen, when they realised that the walls could not resist the cannon fire. When the Spanish left the castle was in a bad state.

During the truce between The Netherlands and Spain, Baron van Ghent, Walraven decided to restore castle Dussen. He did a great job, but the restoration was so expensive that he had to sell the castle.

Different people lived in this castle. There were lords and also nons. In the second world war the Germans used it as a shelter. The allied forces could not do anything else then to bomb a part of this castle.

Our events

We will organise GPS events in our office. Check our website for the events or follow us on linkedin. Then you will be informerd when one of our events will be organised.