Apglos has a very interesting history, as we like to think. We didn’t start of as a software company, but as two seperate civil engineering agencies. While working at our own companies, we discovered that the work could be made easier and better with a few innovations of our own. We even started to believe that we, ourselves, could change how things were done in our line of work.

So we started to create, invent and develop a land survey app, the Apglos Survey Wizard. We were still working under our own names and companies. That’s why the history of our land surveying app is longer than our own as Apglos. But luckily it didn’t end with the development of one app. What happened next, you can read on this page.

Civil engineering agency Kant Engineering

Apglos Survey Wizard was developed originally by the company Kant Engineering. This company was founded in 2007 as a Peruvian civil engineering agency. In this company we outsourced civil engineering projects. The largest part of the projects were about drafting, tender writing and cost estimation.

Since most projects came from the Netherlands we decided to move our stuff and settle there. This was in 2009. Originally most employees were still working in Peru.

Joined by civil engineering agency Rayleco

Once we were fully settled back in the Netherlands, we started working together with other companies. One of them was Rayleco. Also a civil engineering agency. We quickly discovered we shared the same focus.

Our collaboration intensified and proved to be a success. We worked for governmental clients, but also contractors and other civil engineering agencies.

Growing into a contractor

As our success grew, so did our companies. We felt the need for founding a construction company, so we could take on bigger projects and clients. So a new contractor was born. We called it Kant Enhancing.

Hiring land surveyors

In all the projects we did for our clients, there was always one recurrent issue; every project needed to be land surveyed. The results were a base for our design or for an as-built drawing.

Originally we hired land surveyors. They worked well in the beginning, when we had few projects going on. But as we grew, we needed to hire more land surveyors. Then some problems started to occur.

  • Costs for hiring land surveyors raise
  • It got harder to schedule all land survey projects with the land surveyors
  • The result of the land surveyment was not always what we expected and needed

Doing it ourselves

It came to a point where we had to make a decision. In our case there were two options:

  1. Doing everything the same as before and being patient. With the risk of losing projects and working under a lot of stress for making deadlines.
  2. Start land surveying by ourselves.

As the first option just wasn’t what we wanted, we decided to investigate the second option.

We invited companies like Leica, Trimble, Topcon and Stonex to demonstrate their GPS kit. During the demonstrations we gathered our employees to provide us with feedback. Some systems proved to be easier than others but in general we concluded that none of them were usable for our workers to land survey with. We simply could not send our employees out in the field with this kind of complex equipment. It was kind of a setback for us.

Apglos Survey Wizard was born

The only thing that was left to try was creating something ourselves. Luckily we knew a company that made GNSS-receivers and was very close to The Netherlands: Septentrio in Belgium. So we bought a GNSS receiver, Altus NR2, from them.

After that we just started to develop. Step by step. We first wanted to devise how we could export points from the field. After a lot of trials we managed to make a connection with the Altus NR2. We also learned how to get a point on the screen of our tablet. The Apglos Survey Wizard app was born. At that time it had a different name, but the principles were the same.

Getting noticed by the workfield

We started using this Android application for our own projects and kept on improving the software. At the same time we also developed an application to stake out. For the second time it was a success.

Our clients started noticing what we were doing. They liked that our software was so easy and that everyone could work with these apps. We were no longer fixing an issue we encountered in our own work. It felt greater. So it didn’t take long before our clients also wanted a GPS kit like we had.

Apglos, the company

We were not ready for selling GPS kits at all, because we were a civil engineering agency at heart. But sometimes you have to listen and see what is happening around you. What we discovered and developed was unique and we felt that there was a great need for what we created.

We decided to try our luck and started selling GPS kits aroung 2017. We were overwhelmed by the demand. We followed the market and founded a company only for developing GPS software and to sell GPS kits. We called it Apglos.

From 2019 on we are fully focused on Apglos. We believe in our software and products and are therefore fully committed to our business. We terminated the companies Kant Engineering and Rayleco. So all our energy and efforts can go to what we really want: helping you land survey and GIS map in an easy way.