Apglos Survey Wizard was born in a civil engineering agency. That is why the history of the company Apglos is shorter than of this Android application.

Civil engineering agency Kant Engineering

Apglos Survey Wizard was developed originally by the company Kant Engineering. The history of Kant Engineering started in 2007. Kant Engineering started as a Peruvian civil engineering agency. In this company we did outsourcing of civil engineering projects. Most of the projects were about drafting, tender writing and cost estimation.

Since most projects came from the Netherlands we decided to settle in The Netherlands. This was in 2009. Originally most employees were still working in Peru.

Another civil engineering agency: Rayleco

While being back in The Netherlands we started to work together with different other companies. One of them was Rayleco. That was another civil engineering agency. Their focus was the same as the one of Kant Engineering.

Together we did many projects for many clients. There were governmental clients, but there were also contractors and other civil engineering agencies.

Also a contractor

The engineering agencies grew. It made the need for a construction company, contractor, bigger. So a new contractor was born. It had the name Kant Enhancing.

Hiring land surveyors

In all the projects we did for those clients there was always one returning issue. In every project the area or terrain had to be surveyed. It was to get a base for the design or to make an as-built drawing.

Originally we hired land surveyors. They worked well in the beginning. Projects were few. We only got more projects and we needed to hire more land surveyors. Then some problems started to occur.

  • Costs for hiring land surveyors raise
  • It got harder to schedule all land survey projects with the land surveyors
  • The result of the land surveyment was not always what we expected

Doing it ourselves

Then we had to make a decision. There were two options. Option one was to keep doing everything the same and the second one was to start land surveying ourselves. Option one was not really an option. So that was history. We decided to investigate the second option.

We invited companies like Leica, Trimble, Topcon and Stonex to demonstrate their GPS kit. During the demonstrations we gathered our employees and to give us feedback. Some systems were easier than others but in general all were too difficult to send anyone once in a while in the field to do land surveying.

Apglos Survey Wizard was born

So we decided that we have to create something ourselves. Luckily close to The Netherlands there is a company that also makes GNSS receivers. This is Septentrio in Belgium. So we bought a GNSS receiver, Altus NR2, from them.

After that we started to develop. First we started that we needed to export points from the field. After a while we managed to make a connection with the Altus NR2. We also managed to get a point on the screen of our tablet. Apglos Survey Wizard was born. It was only called different though.

Getting noticed by civil engineering agencies and contractors

We started using this Android application and kept on improving the software. We also developed an application to stake out. It was a succes. Our clients saw what we were doing. They liked that it was so easy and that everyone can work with this software. We got noticed. Our clients also wanted a GPS kit like that.

Apglos, the company

We were not ready for selling GPS kits, yet, because we were a civil engineering agency. Unless we started selling GPS kits. That started around 2017. It was a success. The demand got bigger. So we decided to create a company only for developing this software and to sell GPS kits. It is called Apglos.

From 2019 we are fully focused on Apglos. We terminated the companies Kant Engineering and Rayleco. So that is about the complete history of Apglos.