Apglos is an innovative software development company. Our focus is on GPS apps.

History of APglos

Apglos has a very interesting history. This company didn’t start as a software company, but as two seperate civil engineering agencies. During the works in these civil engineering agencies we thought we could do some things different…. easier……………. better.

So then we created the easiast land survey app in the field.

Read more how this company started.

Main development of Apglos

In the time that Apglos exists we already developed plenty of GPS apps. Our main land survey app is Apglos Survey Wizard. With this Android app you can land survey and do gis mapping.

Try it yourself! Download and install it.


Our GPS heroes

Our GPS heroes

Not only software

During our process of software development we saw more things that should be different. Because of that we developed some other things, like GPS hardware and accessories.

They are a great help for using our GPS apps.

Check them out.

Want to know more?

On this website you can read a lot about us, our software, our GPS hardware and GPS accessories. There is a chance that you want to know more or that you want to know other things than that are mentioned on this website.

You can always contact us for your questions. 

We will answer you as soon as possible.

Our office castle

Stephan Jenkins once said: “You make kingdoms and castles on your own.” So we decided to have a castle office. It is located in Dussen, the Netherlands.


So we already have our castle. Now we are building our kingdom. Do you want to read more about our office? Read more about our castle office.