Welcome to our page. We are Apglos. An innovative software development company, based in the heart of the Netherlands. Our main focus is on developing easy-to-use GPS apps. Our greatest accomplishment up to now is the Apglos Survey Wizard, an Android-based app for land surveying.

But if you have looked around already, you might have noticed that we like to do a lot more than developing software. We also came up with some interesting GPS accessories and tips for the land surveying field.

Why we chose the GPS-related field of software and land surveying as a focus? Just read on.

The History of Apglos

Apglos has a very interesting history, as we like to think. We didn’t start of as a software company, but as two seperate civil engineering agencies. While working at our own companies, we experienced that our work should be made easier and better. We started to believe that we, ourselves, could change how things were done in our line of work.

So we started to create, invent and develop a land survey app. But we didn’t stop there.

Read more on how this company started.

Our flagship: the Apglos Survey Wizard

We already developed a lot of different GPS apps for different needs. But we are most proud of our ‘flagship’: the Apglos Survey Wizard. With this Android app you can land survey and do GIS mapping. It is based on Android and can measure up to a centimeter accuracy.

We can go on and on about this great piece of land surveying software, but we’d like to invite you to try it for yourself. Just download and install, by clicking the button below.


Our GPS heroes

We all need heroes that inspire us and help us coming up with new ideas. Apglos has it’s own hero gallery. Some wellknown, others not so. We like to tell you what these men meant for Apglos and our working field. Just click on their portraits to learn more about them.

More than software

During our process of software development, we noticed things could be changed even more in the land surveying field. Because of our unique perspective (as we were once the customers and users), we wanted to make sure that land surveying was easy in all aspects. Not just in using a great app, but also when it comes to handling the GPS gear that is needed to get the best measurement results. That’s why we came up and developed things like compatible GPS hardware and accessories.

Check them out here.

Want to know more?

On this website you can read a lot about us, our software, our GPS hardware and GPS accessories. There is a chance that you want to know more or that you want to know other things than that are mentioned on this website.

You can always contact us for your questions. 

We will answer you as soon as possible.

Our castle office

Stephan Jenkins once said: “You make kingdoms and castles on your own.” So we decided to have a castle office. It is located in Dussen, the Netherlands.


We already have our castle. Now we are building our kingdom. Step by step. Do you want to know more about our unique office? Keep on reading.